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Top 5 Timeshare Resorts in India

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timeshare resorts in India

Enjoy a Stay at One of the Top 5 Timeshare Resorts in India

India’s exhilarating festivals, ornate temples and palaces, and raucous nightlife are unforgettable. Why would you end an unforgettable day by staying at a resort that’s anything less than extraordinary? We think you should have the best vacation possible, by staying at a resort that goes above and beyond. That’s why we’re sharing our picks for the top 5 timeshare resorts in India, as follows:

#5. Mountain Club

Bhimtal, India

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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Second Timeshare

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second timeshare

5 Reasons to Buy a Second Timeshare

If you own a timeshare, you know how fantastic they can be. You enjoy accomodations more luxurious than home and more comfortable than a hotel. Wonderful amenities, from pampering spas, to beachfront access, to on-site golf courses are right at your fingertips. So what’s better than owning a timeshare? Owning a second timeshare—or even more! Here are 5 reasons why you should consider having multiple timeshare ownerships:

1. You Can Go On More Vacations

This is the most obvious benefit to purchasing a second timeshare. If you need a break from your daily stresses for more than one single week of the year (and who doesn’t?), then owning multiple timeshares can really maximize your vacation experience. Basically, whatever luxuries and benefits you enjoy from your current timeshare, you’ll merely double it by buying a second timeshare. How can you say no to that?

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Things To Do in South Lake Tahoe That Aren’t Skiing

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things to do in south lake tahoe

You’ll Never Run Out of Things to Do in South Lake Tahoe

For years, skiing, snowboarding, and gambling have been the main points of attraction on Lake Tahoe. As Millennials and younger generations have begun many of their traveling adventures, it seems that tourism is beginning to shift around the lake with different activities outside of spending time on the slopes. Many vacationers might not realize just how much they can do during their Lake Tahoe vacations, and here are just a few our specialists can think of right now:


Van Sickle Bi-State Park, Tahoe Rim Trail, Cascade Falls, and Lam Watah Trail to NV Beach are just a few places in or close to town you can hike. Stateline has a diverse landscape and you will find there are plenty of ways you can get outside and enjoy the weather, no matter the time of year!

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Plantation Resort is Now Partnered With Wyndham

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myrtle beach

An exciting partnership has recently been announced between Plantation Resort and Wyndham Vacation Ownership. Back in November of 2017, Wyndham signed an agreement that they would be taking over all sales and marketing operations for Plantation Resort. Additionally, Wyndham Vacation Ownership got the remaining unsold inventory at the Myrtle Beach Resort.

How Does This Affect Plantation Resort Timeshare Owners?

As a current owner at Plantation Resort, you may be wondering what this new partnership with Wyndham Resorts means for you. But not to worry, this new relationship will be a seamless transition for all.

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Hawaii Resorts and Tourism Not Impacted by False Missile Alert

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Hawaii tourist attractions

Why Hawaii Resorts Aren’t Stressed About The Missile Scare

The world has been talking about the accidental and terrifying missile alert sent out to all Hawaii residents since it happened on Saturday, January 13. Though the Hawaii Tourism Authority was concerned about the impacts it might have on tourism to the area, it appears vacationers are still booking and traveling to their favorite Hawaii resorts.

Since December 2017, Hawaii has been testing its nuclear warning siren system for first time since the Cold War. According to media outlets around the country and local emergency officials, an incorrect emergency notification was sent out by the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency stating a ballistic missile threat was inbound for Hawaii. This alert has been declared a mistake caused by human error.

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