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Top 4 Best Caribbean Islands For Your Vacations

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Despite the recent hurricanes, Caribbean tourism is as popular as ever. The Caribbean has dozens of incredible destinations to offer every type of traveler. Those who love warm weather, beaches, water sports, and gorgeous landscapes are drawn to the Caribbean islands for memorable vacations. But as far as where to go, it can be hard to pick which island is right for you.

We’ve found four of the best Caribbean islands to visit based on what type of trip you are interested in. top Caribbean timeshare resorts are located in Aruba, Jamaica, Bahamas, and the Dominican Republic. Find your ideal Caribbean vacation with our help!

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Fractional Ownership Vs Timeshare: What’s Right for You?

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fractional vs timeshare

Fractional Ownership Vs Timeshare

Did you know there is more than one type of vacation ownership?

This goes beyond fixed, floating, and points-based ownerships. When searching for a vacation property, you can choose what style ownership you want. You get to pick fractional vs timeshare.

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Why Westin Aventuras Might Be the Best Timeshare Program Out There

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westin aventuras

Westin Aventuras is Ideal for Flexible Vacationing

Finding the perfect vacation destination can be tricky, and it might deter avid vacationers from investing in a vacation ownership program. Fortunately, companies like Vistana (formerly Starwood) understand some vacationers want to expand their travel and have created the multi-destination timeshare, the Westin Aventuras program. It might sound too good to be true, but here are the vacation club benefits you can experience when booking your next trip:

You have the option of booking at two Home resorts

Westin Aventuras point-based program provides its owners with two equally as stunning Home resort options when booking their vacations. Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort is located in Cancun, Mexico and is loved for its variety of studio, one-, and two-bedroom villas with many on-site amenities including sports courts, spacious pools, kids’ activity center, fitness center, a spa, and mini golf. Westin Los Cabos Resort Villas & Spa can be found in Baja California Sur, Mexico with studio, two-bedroom, and two-bedroom premium villas and incredible features like a fitness studio, sand volleyball, fitness lessons, pools, a kid’s club, and more. Switch between both resorts each year or choose to frequent the one you love most!

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What To Do When Your Timeshare Contract Expires

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timeshare contract

So, your timeshare contract is about to end. You’ve enjoyed living and vacationing with your timeshare ownership over the past 25 to 40 years, and now your options are about to open up to new possibilities. What do you do? Should you sign on for more years of ownership to keep enjoying the same great vacations you used to? Or should you walk away and explore other vacation options further down the road?

While many timeshare ownerships are deeded in perpetuity, there are some forms of ownership that have expiration dates, like in the instance above. Some timeshare contracts do feasibly come to an end, leaving owners with a choice to make.

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7 Reasons Travelers Absolutely Love Repeat Vacations

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repeat vacation

Some vacationers are apprehensive to purchase a timeshare because they are worried they will become bored or not utilize their timeshare each year. Fortunately, there are many solutions to these concerns every time you return to your favorite vacation destination. Timeshares offer the flexibility you have always needed with your vacations, including the ability to rent your timeshare out if you are unable to use it. Repeat vacations can take the stress out of planning and executing a trip for these seven reasons:

1. They save thousands with timeshare resales

There is nothing like heading into a vacation knowing you are getting the most for your time. Timeshares are a great way to avoid the price fluctuations and fully booked hotels that constantly happen throughout the year for vacation travel, and timeshare resales and rentals help owners save thousands with units available at extremely low prices.

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