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Disney Vacation Club Destinations Outside of Orlando

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view of hawaii resorts

Many people love the Disney Vacation Club resorts for their magical features and close proximity to the Disney parks in Orlando, Florida. However, there are other Disney Vacation Club destinations outside of Orlando that are often overlooked. These resorts give you access to exciting locations and all offer the same level of luxury and quality as the other DVC properties.

See what unique offerings the following Disney Vacation Club locations have to offer and start planning your next Disney-inspired retreat!

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Do Timeshare Owners Need Travel Insurance?

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timeshare owners

So far in 2017, we’ve seen a number of events that have dealt serious damage to many popular vacation spots. Hurricanes in the Gulf and Caribbean, wildfires in California, and earthquakes in Mexico have caused billions of dollars worth of damage and proved to be very serious and life-threatening events. While the main concern following these events is helping places impacted to recover and rebuild, it prompts a serious question within the travel industry—should timeshare owners buy travel insurance?

How Travel Insurance Works

Travel insurance covers your vacation investment in case you are unable to travel to your destination. For example, those who become sick or hospitalized and cannot travel could have a large portion of their trip, if not all of it, reimbursed to them. In the event of bad weather or natural disasters, travel insurance could come in handy in ensuring you don’t lose your investment on your trip.

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The Coast Minus the Cost: Fall at the Beach in New England

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fall at the beach in New England

Fall at the Beach: An Underrated Vacation Choice

Most of us are used to the beach being a summer destination. After all, you want warm weather if you’re in a swimsuit! But there’s so much more to the beach than sunbathing and swimming. In fact, the beach offers a lot of fun things to do in cold weather too, like picnics, scenic walks, and competitive sports on the sand. We recommend the beach as a fall vacation destination, because beach vacations are way more affordable in the fall. Fall flights, timeshare rentals, and fixed week timeshare resales are cheaper than their summer equivalents.

For this list, we stuck to New England destinations, since they’ll give you lots to enjoy in the fall when you’re off the beach as well. Plus, while New England isn’t the only place where the leaves change color, we believe it has some of the prettiest fall foliage. Here are our recommendations on destinations for a memorable, affordable fall beach vacation in New England:

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Customer Service Week: Answering Your Questions about SMTN

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customer service week

The first week in October is Customer Service Week, a period dedicated to celebrating the hard work of customer service professionals and an opportunity to provide the very best convenience for customers. We recognize that the world of vacation ownership and timeshare resales can be complex and confusing—some topics can be vague and require a good deal of research to come up with a satisfactory answer. So, in light of Customer Service Week, we put together this blog post with some of our most frequently asked questions to provide some clarity on what we offer to current timeshare owners and prospective resale buyers.

Can I really sell my timeshare online?

Yes! SellMyTimeshareNow features an active online marketplace for timeshare resales and rentals, with offers being delivered to owners every day. Our inventory garners thousands of hits from interested buyers every month, and our informative resale and rental advertisements are designed to bring offers straight to you. In 2016 alone, we saw 63,000 inquires about timeshare resales and rentals combine for more than $269 million in confirmed offers!

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Top 5 Reasons to Plan a Puerto Rico Vacation

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puerto rico vacation

The island of Puerto Rico has seen a harrowing few weeks recently, with the massive hurricanes of Irma and Maria hitting the territory in full force. However, despite the recent devastation, the island territory remains one of our country’s most scenic and beautiful destinations. While you may still have to wait a few months to plan your Puerto Rico vacation, we wanted to take the time to appreciate a few of the island’s most treasured and popular sights and locales.

1. El Yunque

Inland Puerto Rico is home to El Yunque National Forest, a vast expanse of protected tropical rainforest with a staggering number of hiking trails and hidden sights. The sprawling area covers a vast amount of ground, and includes individual attractions like mountains, rivers, and waterfalls. Mount Britton rises in the center of the forest, providing excellent sights across the expanse of green that rolls out toward the horizon. Other areas like Coco Falls and Mina Falls provide that quintessential Caribbean waterfall experience. El Yunque is also home to thousands of species of wildlife, including the tiny coquí, one of Puerto Rico’s most recognizable animals.

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