Off the Grid Vacations to Help You Unplug and Unwind

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Off the Grid Vacations All Over the World

Are you annoyed by the sound of constant traffic? Is stress wearing on your health? If you get another e-mail notification, do you feel like you’re going to scream?

If so, it might be time for you to go on vacation, and not just any vacation, but a vacation that will let you separate from the chaos of urban and suburban life. An off the grid vacation is exactly what you need, and we can help you find the perfect one. The following are amazing destinations for off the grid vacations, sorted by continent:

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Best U.S. Virgin Island to Visit for You

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best u.s. virgin island to visit

The U.S. Virgin Islands make for a fantastic vacation experience, but with so many islands to choose from, you may be wondering which is the best U.S. Virgin Island to visit based on your interests and what you like to do! We’ve broken down some of the top U.S. Virgin Islands to visit and highlighted their special features that will let you decide which one is right for you!

Upbeat Getaway: St. Thomas

If you’re not afraid of crowds and tourists, you’ll fully be able to enjoy the beauty of St. Thomas. The island is home to an airport and popular cruise port, which is why it is so busy and the most commercialized of the islands.

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VO-Con 2017 to Feature Record Number of Sponsors

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The Canadian Vacation Ownership Association (CVOA), will be hosting its conference of industry leaders in Whistler. VO-Con 2017, expected to bring speakers and attendees from all over Canada, the United States, and Mexico, will be the largest-sponsored event yet, with more than 20 event sponsors.

The conference brings together key decision-makers and leaders throughout the vacation ownership industry to forge connections and build networks. In addition to keynote speakers, the event will also feature educational sessions to inform attendees about latest trends, services, and products.

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Set Sail with Festiva Sailing Vacations

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friends on a sail boat

As one of the newer, more up and coming brands in the timeshare world, Festiva Resorts has a wealth of vacation options and opportunities for their lucky owners to take advantage of. With everything from their flexible points-based membership to unique vacation programs, Festiva attracts a wide range of vacationers both old and young.

One of the most exciting aspects of ownership is their Festiva Sailing Vacations program. There are few other resort brands that offer such a program, giving Festiva that extra edge and attraction. See what this exclusive Festiva program has to offer you and your friends or family for a special vacation experience!

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Costa Rica Animals: Where to See Them and Where to Stay

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Costa Rica Wildlife: Cute Sloth

See Costa Rica Animals in the Wild!

Costa Rica has some of the most amazing animals in the world. Whether you like your animal friends furry, feathery, scaly, slimy, or creepy-crawly, you’re bound to be mesmerized by Costa Rica animals.

Animals to See:

Resplendent Quetzal

The resplendent quetzal’s predominantly green and red feathers shine like emeralds and rubies. Its long tail feathers gracefully trail behind it as it flies through the forest canopy in search of figs to munch on. These beautiful birds were revered by ancient Mayans and Aztecs, and today you can find them in cloud forests, forests which rest within banks of clouds due to their climate and high elevation. Find yourself among clouds with the stunning resplendent quetzal.

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