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How Resorts Are Using Social Media Marketing

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Social media is everywhere you look these days. Chances are you have a Facebook or Instagram account that you use regularly to interact with your friends and the world around you. People love sharing everything from their family photos, to where they’re out to dinner, to uploading a video from a concert they went to. So it’s no surprise that travel and vacation is a largely popular topic in the social media world.

Social Media Marketing for Travel

It’s highly likely that your social feeds are constantly filled with travel updates and photos. So it is no wonder that resort and hospitality brands have started engaging with social media marketing to interact with their guests and attract more visitors. As Millennials are starting to have families and play a big role in the travel and vacation scene, it is more important than ever that these hospitality brands “get hip” and join the social media craze.

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Enter the Wild with These African Vacations!

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Unforgettable African Vacations

Imagine hearing a lion’s roar—not a recording or a reenactment but an actual first-hand roar—or being face to face with a six-ton, 11-foot-tall elephant. Imagine watching a leopard stealthily creep towards its prey, or a hippo happily swimming. Memories like these could be yours with the following African vacations:

The Best African Safari Vacations

Our staff at has compiled a list of amazing safaris with great resorts nearby, all of which would be perfect for your African safari vacation. We found some safaris with high chances of seeing the Big Five—elephants, rhinos, cape buffalo, lions, and leopards—as well as other incredible African animals. There may even be some you’ve never heard of!

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Off the Grid Vacations to Help You Unplug and Unwind

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Off the Grid Vacations All Over the World

Are you annoyed by the sound of constant traffic? Is stress wearing on your health? If you get another e-mail notification, do you feel like you’re going to scream?

If so, it might be time for you to go on vacation, and not just any vacation, but a vacation that will let you separate from the chaos of urban and suburban life. An off the grid vacation is exactly what you need, and we can help you find the perfect one. The following are amazing destinations for off the grid vacations, sorted by continent:

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Top 5 Resorts Chosen by YOU!

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top 5

At, we pride ourselves in having the largest online marketplace with a wide selection of brands and resorts to choose from when you’re shopping for a timeshare resale or rental. Based on the search results from our users, we’ve found the top resorts that you are searching for! See the results from your favorite resorts below and score an amazing deal by shopping our extensive inventory.

5. Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach

Coming in at number five for top resorts is Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This all-inclusive property is situated on a sparkling private beach and offers quiet seclusion while being conveniently located to the vibrant downtown area.

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5 Best On-Site Resort Restaurants

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resort restaurant

According to many travelers, one of the top selling points of a resort is whether or not the vacation destination has good quality restaurants nearby that can cater to their cravings. So we at wanted to take this demand a step further and research some of the best on-site resort restaurants in the industry.

All five of these restaurants currently carry at least a four-star rating on TripAdvisor and some have gone on to even win awards for their dishes and services. So if quality meals are a make-or-break when searching for your next vacation home, consider dining at one (or all) of these five on-site restaurants.

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