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Best Timeshares Near Universal Studios Orlando

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timeshares near universal studios orlando

If you’re planning a trip to Orlando, Universal Studios has to be on your list of must-see attractions. The legendary theme park has provided roller coasters, thrill rides, live entertainment, and amazing dining to vacationers for more than 25 years, and includes six special themed areas with signature attractions and locales. From World Expo and Production Central to the brand-new Wizarding World of Harry Potter, kids and adults alike will find days of activity at the theme parks in southern Orlando.

As such, families will need a place to stay during their trip to Universal that will accommodate a large sized group while offering premium amenities and features. Luckily, there are plenty of timeshares near Universal Studios Orlando that can provide the home-away-from-home you need to fully enjoy the theme park and its attractions.

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Destination Spotlight: South Padre Island Spring Break Rentals

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South Padre Island spring break

South Padre Island Spring Break Rentals: Your Ticket to the Ultimate Spring Vacation

South Padre Island, Texas is renowned for being an exceptional spring break destination. Along with dolphin watches, interesting museums, picturesque lighthouses, and diverse shopping, the area boasts vibrant springtime parties and an eclectic collection of activities to enjoy the spring weather. The following is a small sampling of the many fabulous opportunities and attractions available with South Padre Island spring break rentals:

Entertainment Galore

A South Padre Island spring break is a popular choice, and that’s not surprising, given that the area offers many entertainment options, along with invitingly warm weather. This spring, join some of the largest spring break parties in the country. Lounge on the beach, splash around in the pool, listen to live music, and more—all outside in the sunshine. You can also live it up on a boat with a party cruise, and dance to the beat of the music and the rocking of the waves. Participate in the “world’s largest foam party” or sing along all day and night to the many available concerts this spring—from Cardi B to Tekashi and Gucci Mane.

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ROFR: What Does it Mean for Timeshare Resale?

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Right of First Refusal—it may be a term you’ve heard in certain circles since buying your timeshare, though maybe you didn’t pay it much mind. It’s a term that doesn’t particularly affect the quality of your vacation ownership as much as it controls the natural lifecycle of your contract. If you’ve been thinking about selling your timeshare, odds are you’ve come across ROFR and have been perusing your contract to see if it applies to you.

If you’re not sure, here’s what ROFR means in a nutshell—the company with which you purchased your deeded real estate interest retains the right to intervene in any timeshare resale transaction and act as the buyer. More simply, ROFR gives timeshare brands the right to buy back the contract they sold to you originally. Certain timeshare ownership brands will enact this clause into their ownership contracts to ensure their properties are being resold at a fair price.

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Why DVC Timeshare Owners Plan and Take Vacations More Than Most

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dvc timeshare

DVC Ownership Magic Never Dies According to New Survey

It’s no surprise that DVC timeshare owners love their Disney vacations, and the newest survey released from the Disney Vacation Club reiterates that enthusiasm. As a part of the US Travel Association’s Project: Time Off National Plan for Vacation Day, the DVC found that 81% of members who responded use all of their allotted vacation time as opposed to the 46% national average. The survey even shows that 95% of members book an annual vacation in advance while only 54% of Americans do! It’s clear that DVC owners have only great things to say about their vacations to visit Mickey Mouse, but what is it about these trips that they love so much? Our timeshare experts can think of just a few reasons they take advantage of all the DVC has to offer:

It’s the Ideal Family Vacation

Whenever people think about a Disney vacation, they first think about making memories with their loved ones. Disney has been designed to be a family institution, and the DVC is no different. You will never worry if your children will have fun during these trips because there is so much to do and see and each location. From Hawaiian shores to the most iconic theme parks in the world, there is something for every person to enjoy and take part in.

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