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Top Travel Destinations for 2017: Staff Picks

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top travel destinations

The year of 2016 is drawing to a close, and in these final few days, we’re looking forward to a brand new year full of potential. For the travel industry, 2017 means another year of new and exciting destinations to explore, fantastic resorts and boutique hotels to enjoy, and another opportunity to truly take a vacation and reconnect with yourself. This week, we consulted with our staff of vacation experts and travel junkies to collect their picks for the top travel destinations to look forward to next year. To our surprise, there were both some newcomers and familiar faces in this year’s list!

#1. Cuba

The first travel destination on our list is an obvious one, as it continues to open its doors to American travelers. Cuban tourism is slowly starting to take off, with commercial flights from the U.S. just starting to touch down in Havana late in 2016. One of the largest islands in the Caribbean, Cuba presents an opportunity for new travelers to truly explore a world they’ve never seen before. From the oddly poetic antique cars still lining the streets of Havana, to the pristine shores of Varadero, you must make it a point to travel to Cuba in 2017.

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