Bluegreen Exchange

Owning a Bluegreen timeshare doesn't simply mean vacationing to the same spot and using the same accommodations every year. That solution certainly exists for people who want it, but the possibilities are endless when you own accommodations with the Bluegreen Vacation Club. Bluegreen timeshare exchange allows you to make the most of what you own, and can take you to new and exciting destinations all around the globe.

Exchanging Your Bluegreen Timeshare

Owners have two options when it comes to Bluegreen timeshare exchange. The first is internal exchange, which enables members to spend points on accommodations at other Bluegreen resorts. The second is to exchange through RCI, the world's largest timeshare exchange network.

Bluegreen Internal Exchange

The easiest way to discover new destinations is by exchanging your Bluegreen timeshare internally. Simply owning a Bluegreen timeshare and being a member of the Bluegreen Vacation Club qualifies you for internal exchange, giving you the opportunity to explore dozens of other resorts in the Bluegreen network.

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Internal exchange is made possible by Bluegreen points, an easy way to reserve timeshare accommodations. Instead of booking at their home resort, Bluegreen owners can use their points on other accommodations at another Bluegreen resort. For example, if you own accommodations at La Cabana Beach Club and Resort in Aruba, but you want to venture out to Vegas instead, you can use your points on accommodations at Bluegreen Club 36.

Bluegreen – RCI Exchange

In addition to internally exchanging through Bluegreen, RCI is an option all BVC members have to explore accommodations outside the Bluegreen network. To exchange through RCI, you'll need to become a member first. Even if you buy a Bluegreen timeshare resale, you can still become an RCI member through your Bluegreen affiliation. To exchange and visit other resorts around the world, you can either deposit your reserved week into the RCI database, or receive RCI points and use them in a similar fashion as you would with your Bluegreen points.

Benefits of Bluegreen Timeshare Exchange

  • Still Cost Efficient
    Owning a timeshare will still prove to be the most cost efficient way to travel, even if you exchange every year.
  • You Won't Be Bored
    Traveling to a different destination each year will make every vacation you take memorable and invigorating.
  • Discover the World
    When you couple internal exchange and RCI exchange, you have the freedom to vacation at more than 7,000 resorts worldwide, just by owning a Bluegreen timeshare.