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Chad Newbold President

As a consumer - an employee - a human being, go where there’s movement, agility and options. With transparency and integrity on your side, you’re invincible. Look for the intrinsic characteristics you value most in life in the products and services you buy. And you’ll never be disappointed.

Chad is a native of The City Beautiful: Orlando, Florida. He studied business, marketing and mathematics at the University of Central Florida, which fostered his passion for all things e-commerce. Destined to constantly uncover opportunities in untapped markets, Chad is always seeking the next big idea.

In 1999, he started working for an escrow & title agency that closed and resold timeshare assets. Here, he leveraged his knowledge of internet marketing, SEO (search engine optimization) and business development to enable more consumers to reach the brand, creating more traffic, customers and transactions for an untapped secondary market.

During this time, Chad found an ideal business partner in attorney Scott Roberts, who was consulting for the timeshare title company. Scott’s experience with corporate, internet, real estate and timeshare law made him a perfect fit.

Together, Chad and Scott developed the online presence and technology of that small title agency, acquired the other partner’s interests and expanded their efforts into more strategic and innovative ventures in the vacation ownership industry. Utilizing their respective skill and experience, they developed a multitude of brands under a new Vacation Innovations, LLC umbrella. In 2012, Chad and Scott, looking to scale their web presence quickly, elected to look outside at acquiring competitors. They started with what they deemed the largest and best producer of timeshare buyers and sellers, (SMTN). Scott and Chad quickly acquired SMTN creating the largest online marketplace for timeshare sales and rentals. Today, with Vacation Innovations as the parent company, they’ve created products that address every consumer need in the timeshare marketplace.

In his current role as President of Vacation Innovations, Chad works closely with the company’s leadership teams to develop strategic action plans that will optimize sales and marketing performance. He’s passionate about ensuring the integrity of the company’s products and services are upheld and continue to innovate with consumer needs. Chad also holds customer care as a top priority and is keenly aware of the customer journey. He understands that each customer touchpoint impacts their decision to engage with a brand.