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Scott Roberts CEO

Innovations are born when vision and opportunity come together to satisfy the needs and expectations of consumers. When it comes to engaging with any brand, modern consumers seek innovation and also demand transparency and efficiency in the products they use. Their experience with timeshare shouldn’t be an exception.

Vacation Innovations fills this void in the timeshare industry. We offer contemporary solutions not only for consumers but also businesses looking to embrace secondary market timeshare sales, purchases, and rentals – in the largest and most progressive online marketplace around.

Raised on Florida’s space coast, Scott attended Florida State University’s College of Law in Tallahassee. Here, he received his Juris Doctorate, becoming the first of his family to obtain an advanced degree.

Scott’s work in the legal field spanned from the United States Attorney’s Office to smaller private firms, to serving as general counsel for various real estate and technology companies. His practice was tailored to his clients’ needs: corporate law, internet law, real estate law, creditor rights and litigation—and timeshare law. With this knowledge and experience in these areas, he was asked to provide legal and business consultation to a burgeoning escrow & title agency that specialized in timeshare transfers. There, he found what would become his business partner, Chad Newbold.

Together, Chad and Scott developed the online presence and technology of that small title agency, acquired the other partner’s interests and expanded their efforts into other strategic and innovative ventures in the vacation ownership industry. Utilizing their skills and experience, they developed a multitude of brands under a new Vacation Innovations, LLC umbrella. In 2012, Chad and Scott, looking to scale their web presence quickly, elected to look outside at acquiring competitors. They started with what they deemed the largest and best producer of timeshare buyers and sellers, (SMTN). Scott and Chad quickly acquired SMTN creating the largest online marketplace for timeshare sales and rentals. Together they have created the largest online marketplace for timeshare sales and rentals. Today, with Vacation Innovations as the parent company, their products address every consumer need in the timeshare marketplace, from their brokerage services, to their online booking engine for upscale resort stays.

As CEO of Vacation Innovations, Scott serves as the company’s corporate counsel and visionary leader. He’s focused on fostering innovative business solutions that facilitate forward-movement opportunities for customers, business partners and employees. He’s committed to putting vacation ownership to work for existing timeshare owners – and to exposing the timeshare product to the next generation of buyers.