Diamond Resorts Exchange

As a Diamond owner, you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in Diamond Resorts’ exchange programs. As a global brand, there are more than 300 Diamond Resorts destinations in the world, and with the right package (and vacation time!) you can visit them all.

Your ability to exchange will depend upon your ownership. However, all Diamond owners will have the option to purchase a membership with Interval International. With Interval, you’ll not only be able to visit any Diamond resort, but you’ll also have access to an additional 2,900 resorts in the Interval Network.

Keep reading to learn more about Diamond timeshare exchange. Have questions? Call us at 1-877-815-4227 to speak with a Diamond specialist.

THE Club Exchange

When you purchase THE Club points from Diamond Resorts, you’ll have the ability to book a reservation at any of Diamonds 300+ resorts. First, you will buy Diamond timeshare at a “home" resort. You will have the ability to book a reservation at your home resort up to 13 months in advance. If you choose to book a vacation at another resort, you can essentially “exchange" your vacation by using your Diamond timeshare points to make an alternative reservation.

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With THE Club, you will have the option to book at any Diamond Resort up to 10 months in advance. Be aware that if you own Trust points, Collection points, or a deeded Diamond week, you will have some restrictions. Trust and Collection members will only be able to trade within their resort segment, which are usually regionally based. Deeded week owners will need to trade using Interval International.

Timeshare Resale Note: Please be aware that if you purchase a Diamond timeshare resale, you will only be able to exchange your Diamond THE Club points within your collection. For example, if you own within the Hawaii Collection, you can only visit resorts within the Hawaii Collection. Although, you can travel to any Diamond resort with Interval International.

Diamond Affiliation with Interval International

Diamond Resorts is affiliated with Interval International, one of the leading timeshare exchange programs. Diamond timeshare owners will have the opportunity to join Interval immediately after purchasing their membership. For a small yearly fee, your Interval membership will allow you to trade your vacation time to visit any of the resorts within Interval’s affiliate network.

Interval International allows you to deposit, exchange, and bank you vacation time. To deposit your week, simply make a reservation at any Diamond resort. Experts recommend to select the most popular resort and week available in your network—this will increase your “trading power." Each deposit will provide you with a certain trading power, which will turn into credits to use towards your own vacation. Once you’ve selected a reservation, you’ll use these credits to book it.

If you are unable to travel one year, you can either rent your Diamond timeshare or bank it with Interval. II will allow you to bank a week up to two years from the reservation date, allowing you to take two vacations the next year. You can even use a banked week in connection with your current year’s week. This may allow you to take a longer vacation or stay at a more popular resort.