Diamond Timeshare Weeks

The original, and most traditional product offered from Diamond Resorts are Diamond timeshare weeks. With deeded Diamond timeshare weeks, you can purchase your ownership from the current owner and save thousands of dollars! Choose your home resort from hundreds of locations throughout the continental United States and Hawaii, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, as well as Diamond Resorts® Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa locations.

If you prefer to travel to the same resort every year, you may consider buying a Diamond timeshare week. Although these ownerships are sold as “weeks" rather than timeshare points, they are floating weeks, meaning that you can choose when you travel. You can book a vacation as early as 12 months in advance and choose any available week.

Some owners prefer the traditional aspect of deeded timeshare weeks. With this type of timeshare, you can plan ahead to your annual vacation. Year after year, the trip to your timeshare resort becomes a tradition your family will look forward to.

Exchanging Diamond Weeks

With a deeded week, you are not able to use points to vacation at other resorts like THE Club points. However, you can travel to any Diamond resort location and 2,900 other resorts with Interval International. If you purchase your deeded week from Diamond Resorts, you will even receive a free Interval International membership.

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If you purchase a deeded Diamond week on the resale market, you will not receive a free II membership, but you will save thousands off of your purchase price. This savings will be more than enough to cover the cost of an Interval membership. Plus, if you enjoy visiting your home resort every year, you won’t need to purchase an Interval membership and you’ll save even more. To learn more, visit our page about exchanging Diamond timeshare.