Buy DVC Points

It’s no wonder you’re interested in buying a DVC timeshare—the Disney Vacation Club is one of the most recommended and trusted names in the vacation ownership industry. Since Disney’s vacation ownership program is so modern and efficient, the “timeshares" they sell are actually a set of points. This page will explain how to buy Disney Vacation Club points and how they work.

Buying Disney Vacation Club Points

Buying DVC points on the resale market is incredibly easy. Below, we’ve broken the process down into 6 steps:

  1. Find your dream accommodations online. Browse the DVC timeshares for sale on to find a timeshare that interests you.
  2. Make a purchase offer. Once you find accommodations and a DVC points package that you like, make an offer to the current owner. All offers and inquiries on eligible listings go straight to our brokers, allowing for an expedited purchase process.

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  1. Settle on a price. When the DVC timeshare owner receives your offer, they will either accept it or send a counter offer. Work directly with the owner to negotiate a satisfactory price.
  2. Close the sale. The next step is to bring your timeshare resale purchase to closing. Once you’ve agreed upon a price for your purchase, can refer you to a licensed timeshare closing company to handle that part of the sale. While the buyer normally covers closing costs, it is not uncommon for the seller to pay for it.
  3. Disney may exercise Right of First Refusal. Some timeshare brands or vacation ownership clubs may retain the Right of First Refusal (ROFR) when their properties are sold on the resale market. This may affect you if the seller’s contract with Disney includes the ROFR. Should Disney choose to exercise this right, they can purchase the owner’s property back from them at the same price that you agreed to in Step 3. While this only happens in a small number of scenarios, it could happen if the purchase price is extremely low.
  4. Congratulations, you are a DVC owner! If Disney passes on its ROFR, you will officially be an owner of a DVC timeshare and enjoy many amazing vacations for years to come!

After You Buy Disney Timeshare

There are a few important things to know about owning a DVC timeshare resale. While you will still be able to enjoy the easy points program and additional perks of vacationing at Disney resorts, a few things set DVC resales apart from original DVC purchases.

DVC Resale Points Restrictions

For example, part of what makes the Disney Vacation Club great is the flexibility that comes along with DVC points. For those who purchased their points through Disney, owners can also use points on Disney hotel reservations, cruises, tours, and more. However, those who purchased DVC points on the resale market will not be able to use their points on those bonus features.

While this may seem like a major drawback, restricting the use of resale-purchased points is common among vacation clubs. Disney is still one of the most resale-friendly vacation ownership programs on the planet, so buying DVC points through resale is always a great option.

DVC Member Fees

Buying DVC timeshare resales does not exempt you from paying annual member fees. When you buy Disney timeshare on the resale market, all responsibility for the property is transferred to you. For more on this topic, visit our DVC Annual Fees page.

If you're not sure about buying a Disney timeshare yet, or want to try one before you commit to making a purchase, you can browse Disney timeshare rentals instead for an affordable one-time DVC lodging solution.

For more information on how to buy Disney Vacation Club resale, or where to find Disney Vacation Club points for sale at an affordable price, contact a specialist today at 1-877-815-4227.