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  • Save Money on Your Trips
    Buying a timeshare resale could save you thousands on your future vacations.
  • Guaranteed Accommodations
    Planning vacations becomes less stressful when you own a Festiva timeshare resale.
  • Discover New Places
    Owning a Festiva Resorts timeshare means you can discover a new destination each year.

Everyone needs vacations every once in a while to reduce stress, see the world, and experience new things. However, taking a vacation is easier said than done for most people. Some trips require months of planning, and the costs can often amount to higher than expected. has the perfect solution—Festiva Resorts timeshare resales. By purchasing a timeshare resale within one of the most

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exciting vacation ownership programs in the world, you can have guaranteed accommodations each year, while still having the freedom to choose from dozens of destinations. The best part is—Festiva timeshare for sale on are often priced up to 70% lower than retail prices! So why wait? Start looking to buy Festiva points today to enter into one of the best vacation clubs in the industry.

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What to Expect From Festiva Resales

Buying a Festiva timeshare resale can give you access to much more than just a timeshare ownership. With your resale, you could gain access to the Festiva Adventure Club, one of the simplest and most rewarding vacation clubs in the industry. You could also book Festiva Sailing Vacations, a new take on what it means to vacation at sea. Lastly, as is the case with most timeshare resales, you can trade your accommodations through Festiva's partner exchange agency, RTX, to travel all over the world.

How to Buy Festiva Timeshare Resales makes purchasing your dream vacation accommodations as easy as possible. If you find a Festiva timeshare for sale that is perfect for you, all you have to do is follow a few steps:

  1. Make an offer on the timeshare. All offers are submitted straight to the owner, after which they can either accept your offer or send a counter offer.
  2. After settling on a price, we'll refer you to a trusted, licensed timeshare closing company to finalize the sale.
  3. Funds will be held in escrow until the closing process is complete.This usually takes anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks.
  4. Once the sale is completed and the ownership is transferred to your name, the timeshare is all yours. Start planning your trips!

If you're ready to buy a Festiva timeshare resale, feel free to contact a timeshare resale specialist by calling 1-877-815-4227, or fill out the form above. If you're looking for a short term lodging solution, learn more about Festiva timeshare rentals instead.