RTX Exchange

One of the best parts about being a timeshare owner is the ability to exchange your timeshare. Exchange companies like RCI and Interval International get the most attention, but there are several other companies who offer unique services and exclusive benefits of their own that can make the timeshare experience much more entertaining. One of those companies is RTX Travel, the official exchange company for Festiva Resorts.

About RTX Travel

RTX offers a different take on the timeshare exchange business model, and offers the potential to explore many destinations around the globe. Festiva timeshare owners can easily obtain a premium or premium plus membership to take advantage of RTX's most popular services, such as risk-free week deposits and travel rebates.

RTX Timeshare Exchange

When it comes to exchanging your Festiva timeshare, RTX makes the process easy and worry-free. Many timeshare weeks exchanges require owners to deposit their week before finding desired accommodations. However, RTX offers guaranteed timeshare deposits, allowing timeshare owners to find accommodations they want before fully committing to depositing their week. Additionally, higher membership levels within RTX allow timeshare deposits to be valid for three to four years, giving travelers plenty of time to plan their trips.

RTX Destinations

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RTX bills itself as a timeshare exchange company that isn't held down by contracts. Exchanging through other companies can sometimes restrict what type of resorts you can find in select destinations. With RTX, you could have the opportunity to explore hundreds of destinations without having to worry about brand affiliations or pre-existing agreements. You could explore destinations such as:

Getting Your RTX Membership

The easiest way to get a membership and start exchanging with RTX is to buy a Festiva timeshare resale first. Timeshare resales at Festiva resorts are often priced up to 70% lower than they're offered on the retail market, which could save you thousands of dollars. Remember, RTX is the official timeshare exchange service for Festiva timeshares, so begin browsing Festiva timeshares for sale and start your adventure.

For more information on how to use RTX exchange or become a member of Festiva Resorts, contact a resale specialist at 1-877-815-4227 or complete the form above.