Holiday Inn Club Vacations Exchange

As a Holiday Inn Club timeshare owner, you have the option to stay at your home resort, vacation at another Holiday Inn Club resort, or use an external exchange company to travel anywhere else in the world. Timeshare exchange is simple, user-friendly, and allows you to get the most out of your vacation ownership experience.

Holiday Inn Club exchange is very versatile—with three different exchange options and thousands of resorts at your fingertips, this is a timeshare ownership like no other. For further guidance in the realm of timeshare exchange, contact one of's knowledgeable experts at 1-877-815-4227, or find out how easy it is to buy a Holiday Inn timeshare resale today!

How to Exchange Holiday Inn Timeshare

There are specific guidelines in effect for each method of exchange. Certain factors to be considered include which resort you own at, what your HICV resort's affiliation is (II or RCI), and whether you will be exchanging with Club Points or a deeded week.

Exchange Within Holiday Inn Club Resorts

Exchanging into another Holiday Inn Club resort is a simple process. Your timeshare is automatically allotted a number of Holiday Inn Club Points, which you may use to reserve your vacation at any Holiday Inn Club Vacations resort using your Points. Request to exchange must happen 13 to 10 months prior to your desired arrival date and you can only reserve using the Club Points you have without going over.

Exchange With RCI

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As a Holiday Inn Club member, you have the option to exchange your Holiday Inn Club Points through the world's largest external exchange company, Resort Condominiums International (RCI) unless you own at Williamsburg Resort in Virginia. You automatically have access to RCI’s extensive resort database through your Holiday Inn Club membership and RCI benefit, so there is no additional fee to join RCI. To make an RCI reservation, your Holiday Inn Club Points will be converted into RCI Points. The ratio for this point exchange is 2 to 1, meaning for every 2 Club Points, you get 1 RCI Point. However, when exchanging, you'll have no issue finding a desirable resort and will often have Club Points leftover after the exchange.

You also have the power to choose RCI Weeks-affiliated resorts or RCI Points-affiliated resorts. With Weeks, you can choose any date and accommodations two years in advance, and you can only make reservations for 7-night stays. With Points, the minimum required stay is one night, and you only have to make these reservations 10 months in advance.

Exchange With Interval International

If you own at Williamsburg Resort in Virginia, your exchange affiliate is Interval International (II). Similar to RCI, Interval is also associated with thousands of resorts all over the world. With your Holiday Inn Club Membership, you automatically get Gold Level benefits with II. These benefits allow you to indulge in ShortStay Exchange—allowing you to take vacations one to six nights each, as many as your Points with allow. You also have to option to use Getaways—week-long resort vacations that don't require you to exchange, but you can get them at highly discounted rates.

Interval exchange is as simple as visiting their official website, browsing the resort directory, deciding where you want to visit, and exchanging your Holiday Inn Club Points with an II Vacation Counselor.