Holiday Inn Fees

Holiday Inn Club fees are in place to keep the collection of resorts looking beautiful and running efficiently. Your Holiday Inn Club membership cost includes an annual maintenance fee. This fee varies based on the size and location of your Holiday Inn timeshare. If you own multiple weeks, you are required to pay a fee for each week owned.

You may also occasionally need to pay an additional special assessment fee. This fee is only required in cases of unusual circumstances such as fire, earthquakes, or other damage to the resort. The special assessment fee will cover rebuilding the resort so that you may continue to enjoy your vacations in the future.

Holiday Inn Club Maintenance Fee

Your Holiday Inn Club maintenance fee includes the cost of your membership in the Holiday Inn Club, as well as a housekeeping credit at your resort for one day of your reserved week. Maintenance fees also cover property taxes, usual repairs and maintenance around the resort, and renovations to keep the resort up to date.

These fees are required whether you buy a Holiday Inn timeshare resale or straight from the developer—so why not save money on the purchase price? Our specialists are available to help with buying and fee related questions. Contact us directly at 1-877-815-4227.

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