Hyatt Timeshare Fees

Hyatt Residence Club fees are important for you to be able to fully use and understand your timeshare. If you’re looking to own a Hyatt timeshare, you should know what your money is going to each year. Hyatt timeshare fees are used to bring new amenities to the resorts, modernize the facilities, and provide you with an extended catalog of resorts by allowing you access to Interval International. Check out our comprehensive guide of the required Hyatt timeshare maintenance fees and reservation fees that come with a Hyatt ownership, and understand how each fee is an investment into your unforgettable vacations.

Understanding Hyatt Residence Club Fees

The most important fee for any timeshare owner is the resort's timeshare maintenance fees. Luckily, Hyatt makes this fee extremely simple for owners. The specific amount of your fee will depend on your resort, but it will always include maintenance, taxes, and membership with Interval International (II). So in one single payment, your money is going towards the upkeep of the resort as well as your access to thousands more resort destinations worldwide.

Note: Interval International generally charges one fee per owner which covers all II-affiliated timeshares owned. However, Hyatt Residence Club includes the Interval International membership fee with every timeshare owned. This is because your Hyatt Residence Club points may result in multiple II unit-weeks for just one Hyatt timeshare. Therefore, Hyatt's contract with Interval International requires the fee be paid on a per-timeshare basis.

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Hyatt does not charge a fee for the first reservation each year. This is true whether you use your home resort during your owned week or you exchange points to stay at a different resort. For subsequent reservations, you will be charged a transaction fee.

Cancellation Fees

If you ever need to cancel a reservation at any Hyatt resort, you will be charged a one-time fee. The Hyatt cancellation policy and standard reservation rules are simple, so planning your vacations are a breeze.

Contact a Hyatt timeshare specialist at 1-877-815-4227 or [email protected] for additional information on Hyatt Residence Club fees.