Interval International Resorts

Interval's expansive selection of timeshare exchange properties provides more Interval International resort accommodations to choose from than you could ever experience in a lifetime. Spread throughout over 80 countries around the world, there are Interval resorts to fit the wants and needs of every vacationer.

A resort becomes affiliated with Interval International by entering into a legal contract with II, in which the resort agrees to provide exchange services to timeshare owners. In order to continue to be recognized as an II-affiliated resort, or a Member Resort, a resort must consistently meet Interval's strict standards of quality and service.

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Resort Recognitions Program

The Resort Recognitions program was designed to provide members with information about the quality of each resort within the Interval International network. II gives additional recognition to those resorts which consistently exceed the basic standards of being an II-affiliated resort. The three recognition tiers are as follows:

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  • Select Resorts

    Select Resorts offer vacationers warm, cozy, and home-like accommodations. These resorts are marked with II's Pineapple icon to reflect the friendliness and hospitality they provide. Resorts in this category typically include a standard shape swimming pool with deck, a standard fitness center, an on-site property convenience store and an array of other convenient amenities. In-room amenities may include standard bed and bath accommodations, in addition to large screen televisions in the living room and master bedroom, Internet access, and a DVD or audio system.

  • Premier Resorts

    Premier Resorts provide superior service, quality, and the most modern amenities of all resorts within the II network. These resorts are noted with II's Laurel icon to reflect the luxury accommodations they provide. Resorts in this category usually include a uniquely shaped pool with additional water features such as a fountain, waterfall or slide. Additional resort amenities may include daily housekeeping service, in-unit dining, luggage assistance and more. In-room amenities may include upgraded bedding and bath accommodations and a premium entertainment system.

  • Premier Boutique Resorts

    Premier Boutique Resorts are recognized for their ability to provide high-quality accommodations in a desirable location, despite having a smaller number of available units compared to most resorts within the network. These resorts are noted with a unique Gold and Silver II icon and are given a special plaque to display at each of their vacation properties. In-room and on-site amenities included in this resort class will typically mirror those of a Premier Resort, but on a smaller scale to match the size of the resort.

II Resort Scoring System

Interval International Resorts are given Select, Premier, or Premier Boutique level recognition based upon the number of points received from the following two sources:

  1. Resort Inspection – Interval International Resorts are inspected periodically on a rotating three-year cycle. Resort inspection points are awarded based on an 800-point scale which measures the quality of the unit, amenities, guest services, public/common areas, and resort location categories. If a resort has not been inspected in over 12 months, it is assigned a resort inspection score based on its current Quality Resort Rating (QRR).
  2. Consumer Satisfaction Index (CSI) – At the time of the resort review, CSI points are compiled from the last 12 months of survey responses, and a maximum of 400 points is possible, which is the equivalent of a score of 100 percent. Note that CSI points are only taken into account when there are at least 15 survey responses submitted by exchange guests evaluating their vacation experiences.
A minimum of 900 points is required for a resort to reach Select Resort status, while
a minimum of 1,000 points is required for a resort to reach Premier Resort status.

Interval International Affiliated Brands

Each of the following well-known resort brands maintains a special partnership with Interval International in order to provide customers with seamless timeshare exchange opportunities. Each partnership or affiliation differs slightly by brand and by the specific contract agreed upon between the brand and II. Click on the links below to read more about each II-affiliated brand:

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