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Marriott Vacation Club Destinations 101

Welcome to Marriott Vacation Club Destinations 101. We've got the inside scoop on everything this flexible vacation ownership program has to offer. Learn the basics about how the program works, including the different ownership levels and ways to use your Marriott Vacation Club Points.

What is the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations program?

In June of 2010, the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations program was born. The Destinations program is a points-based vacation ownership program which affords owners the ability to easily reserve stays throughout the entire portfolio of Marriott Vacation Club resorts, as well as a plethora of additional benefits and vacation opportunities.

By purchasing Destinations Points, you are buying a deeded real estate interest in the MVC Trust. This Trust holds the deeded ownership of individual weeks at the majority of Marriott's existing timeshare resorts, and each week held in the Trust has been assigned a specific point value. By way of their deeded real estate interest, Points Owners are granted the use of a specific allotment of Trust points each year, which entitles them to reserve, use and occupy the inventory held by the Trust.

Points may be purchased in blocks of 250, which are called Beneficial Interests. For example, an owner who has purchased 1,500 Trust points would own six Beneficial Interests. It is also important to note that because each week within the Trust has an assigned point value, the total point value of all of the Trust's weeks can never increase or decrease unless additional weeks are transferred in or out of the Trust.

Why was the Marriott Vacation Club Points Program Created?

The Marriott Vacation Club Destinations points program was created with the intent of providing both new and existing Marriott timeshare owners with additional options in luxury vacation ownership.

Destinations Points ownership provides you with access to an array of high quality timeshare properties in some of the most coveted travel destinations in the world, in addition to the convenience of being able to choose when and where to go each time you travel.

Existing Weeks owners who enroll their week(s) into the Destinations Program are enrolling in the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations Exchange Program. This allows them to maintain their current ownership rights and privileges, while at the same time enhancing their vacation opportunities.

For additional information on weeks ownership, visit our Marriott Vacation Club Weeks 101 page.

Marriott Vacation Club Destinations Program – Collections

You may be wondering how the Destinations Program provides owners with such a diverse selection of timeshare properties. The flexibility of the program is made possible by the fact that there are four collections within which owners may use their Marriott Vacation Club Points to make reservations. These collections give owners a wide range of options when it comes to choosing when and where to vacation each year.

Marriott Vacation Club Collection

There are over 50 exemplary timeshare resorts worldwide to choose from within the Marriott Vacation Club Collection, each of which offers spacious luxury vacation accommodations ranging from studios to 3-bedroom townhouses. This collection is available for use by owners of Marriott Vacation Club Points, as well as Marriott Vacation Club owners who have enrolled in the Destinations Exchange Program.

World Traveler Collection

Marriott's World Traveler Collection consists of over 2,500 resorts in more than 70 countries, providing owners with access to affiliated resorts in every corner of the world. This collection is available for use by owners of Destinations Points, as well as Marriott Vacation Club owners who have enrolled in the Destinations Exchange Program. Exchanges within this collection are facilitated by Marriott's external exchange provider, Interval International.

Marriott Collection*

Destinations Points owners have the option of trading their Destinations Points for Marriott Rewards points through the Marriott Collection. These Marriott Rewards points can then be redeemed for hotel stays at thousands of high quality Marriott hotels and resorts throughout the world, in addition to hundreds of affiliated resorts.

Explorer Collection*

The Marriott Explorer Collection offers a variety of vacation experiences which are organized into four different groups:

  1. Ocean Explorer offers cruise vacations.
  2. Active Explorer vacation experiences include activities like mountain biking, off-roading and river rafting.
  3. Epic Explorer includes vacations featuring guided tours to enticing destinations such as Egypt, China, Tuscany and Africa.
  4. City Explorer provides hotel packages and unique travel experiences in popular cities including San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and New Orleans.

*Access to this collection is not available to those who purchase their Destinations Points ownership on the resale market.

For information on what does and doesn't transfer on the resale market, see our Marriott Timeshare Resales page.

Marriott Vacation Club Destinations Ownership Levels

Your level of ownership within the Destinations Program directly affects your vacation planning reservation windows. There are three levels of ownership within the Destinations Program:

Destinations Points Ownership Levels
Up to 6,499 Points Standard Owner
6,500 to 12,999 Points Premier Status
13,000 or more Destinations Points Premier Plus Status

It is important to be aware that when you purchase additional points or sell any of your Destinations Points, your ownership level may change. If this is the case, your new ownership level will go into effect on the first of the month following your purchase or sale.

For more information regarding the distinctions between these levels of ownership, please visit our Marriott Vacation Club Destinations Reservations page.

Using Your Marriott Vacation Club Points

When it comes to using your points each year, it is important to first define the "Use Year". The "Use Year" is the 12-month period during which points owners may use their annual allotment of points. Your Use Year will begin on your anniversary date each year, which will be the first day of the month following your purchase closing date. For example, if you purchased Destinations Points on April 15 and your closing occurred on May 15, your Use Year will begin on June 1 each year, and will run through May 31 of the following year.

Points owners must use their allotted points within the defined Use Year. Like in the prior example, if your Use Year runs from June 1, 2013 through May 31, 2014 then you will need to use your Destinations Points for a vacation that begins between June 1 and May 31 in any given year. A vacation beginning on May 31, 2014 is still considered as part of the 2013 Use Year.

In some cases, if you are unable to use your points before they expire, you may be able to bank them for use in your next Use Year, or you may transfer them to another owner if you'd like.

When purchasing Destinations Points on the resale market, your Use Year will be the same as it was for the original owner of the specific points you are purchasing.

Point Transaction Options & Restrictions

As a member of the Destinations program, you have a variety of Points transactions options available, including banking, borrowing, transferring, and placing wait list requests. In some situations, a member's points may be restricted by being placed into a holding account. Here is a brief overview of each of these options and restrictions:


As mentioned above, you have the option to save your current Use Year's allotment of Points for use in the subsequent Use Year. This is called banking points. This is a great option if you don't think you'll be able to use your points within the current Use Year, or, if you anticipate needing additional Points for next year's vacation plans. You may bank Destinations Points multiple times during your Use Year.

Rules and Restrictions:

  • You can bank your Destinations Points up to 6 months after your Use Year begins. For example, if your Use Year begins June 1, 2013, you will need to bank your Points by November 30, 2013.
  • Once your Destinations Points have been banked for use in the following Use Year, they cannot be banked again or transferred to another Points Owner. For example, if you bank Points from your 2013 Use Year for use in 2014, and your Use Year begins June 1 and ends May 30, your banked Points for 2014 would expire on May 30, 2014.


If you'd like to book a vacation which requires more Destinations Points than you have in your current Use Year, you can borrow them from your subsequent Use Year. You may borrow some or all of your Destinations Points, and you may borrow multiple times throughout the year for different vacation plans.

Rules and Restrictions:

  • Once your Destinations Points have been borrowed, they cannot be banked or transferred to another Points Owner.
  • When you borrow Destinations Points, they will expire during the year they were borrowed into. For example, if you borrow Points from 2014 to use in 2013, and your Use Year goes from June 1 through May 30, your borrowed Points will expire on May 30, 2013.


Do you have friends or family members who are also Marriott Vacation Club Points Owners? You can transfer any amount of points to another Points Owner or Enrolled Owner who may require additional points for a vacation they are trying to book. Or, if you simply cannot use your points before they expire in the current Use Year, you can transfer them to a friend or family member to use. As long as both parties are current on Club Dues and Maintenance Fees, Points can be transferred at any time throughout your Use Year.

Rules and Restrictions:

  • When you transfer Destinations Points, they retain the Use Year of the Owner who transferred them. For example, if the transferring Owner's Use Year runs from June 1 through May 30, and they transfer Destinations Points to another Owner, those transferred Points will expire on May 30 of the applicable Use Year.
  • When you transfer Destinations Points, they may not be traded for Marriott Rewards® points, and they may not be banked, borrowed or transferred again

Wait List Requests

If the vacation you'd like to reserve is not available at the time you wish to reserve it, you may enter a Wait List Request for the specific resort and the dates you would like to travel. Your Wait List Request will include unit size, number of villas, and view type (if applicable). You may place multiple Wait List Requests for different reservations, as long as you have the appropriate balance of Marriott Vacation Club Points in your account to cover the reservation requiring the highest number of Points.

If you do not determine an expiration date for your Wait List Request, your request will remain active until the day before the arrival date requested. You will receive confirmation via email or mail if one of your requested vacations becomes available. If you cancel a Wait List Request confirmation within 48 hours of it being confirmed, the Wait List with your previous requests will be re-activated.

Rules and Restrictions:

  • Your Wait List Request can be placed up to 12 months in advance for reservations for 7 or more nights
  • Your Wait List Request can be placed up to 10 months in advance for reservations for less than 7 nights
  • Your Wait List Request must follow all reservation rules and coincide with booking windows for length of stay requirements.
  • If your account is delinquent, any existing Wait List Requests will be cancelled and any new requests will not be permitted until the account is paid up.
  • Note that if you cancel a confirmed Wait List reservation within 60 days of the check-in date, the points used for that reservation will be deposited into a Holding Account.

Holding Account

Destinations points can be placed into a Holding Account for a variety of reasons, including points returned for cancellations, points returned for reservations modified to a shorter length of stay, and points returned due to cancelled Advance Priority Reservations (which require 20% more Destinations Points to reserve).

For example, if you make a reservation for a 10-night stay 12 months prior to arrival, and later reduce the reservation to a 5-night stay within 10 months of arrival, the difference in points between the two reservations will be placed into a Holding Account.

Rules and Restrictions:

  • If you cancel a reservation within the Marriott Vacation Club within 60 days of arrival, your Destinations Points will be returned to you, but will be placed in a Holding Account.
  • If you cancel an Advanced Priority Reservation within 60 days of check-in, you will forfeit the 20% additional Points premium used to make the original reservation.
  • If you have Destinations Points in a Holding Account, they may be used to reserve a vacation within the Marriott Vacation Club Collection or the World Traveler Collection no more than 60 days prior to check-in.
  • Destinations Points which are in a Holding Account may not be banked, borrowed, or transferred to another Points Owner, and will expire at the end of your Use Year.
  • If you make a reservation with Destinations Points from a Holding Account and later cancel that reservation, the Points will be returned to your Holding Account. Note that the same Holding Account restrictions apply to these Points.

Interested in becoming a Marriott Vacation Club Destinations Points Owner? Check out our extensive inventory of Marriott Vacation Club Destinations resales.