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Marriott Vacation Club Fees

Whether you own a Marriott timeshare or are looking to purchase one in the future, it's important to have an accurate understanding of your annual Marriott Vacation Club dues. After all, when it comes to money, no one likes surprises. But before we dive into an explanation about the annual costs associated with your ownership, let us first clarify some terms for you.

When people talk about Marriott Vacation Club fees, they are typically referring to different the line items listed on their annual dues bill each year. These fees will vary; however, you will usually see an amount representing your annual maintenance fee. It is also common to see line items for expenses such as property taxes, admistrative costs and future reserve funds, which are listed separately in order to clarify how your Marriott Vacation Club annual dues are distributed.

How Your Marriott Vacation Club Annual Dues are Determined

Curious about how your annual dues are determined? Want to know when to expect your maintenance bill, and when it will be due? How about what's included in the bill? This section breaks down the how, when, what and why of annual fees for weeks owners.

As a Marriott timeshare week(s) owner, your annual dues are based upon the following two key factors:

  • Your Resort's Annual Budget
    Each year the Board of Directors of the association for each Marriott resort meets to discuss their resort's annual budget. This budget is based on the upcoming year's projected needs for spending on things like updates, repairs, maintenance, etc. The final approved budget sets the annual dues to be billed for that particular resort.
  • Your Specific Deeded Ownership
    Marriott Vacation Club annual dues are generally the same for owners of the same unit type with a given resort, regardless of which season they own. The main exception to this general rule lies in the State of Florida, where all Marriott timeshare weeks owners are billed based on unit type AND season. Another exception occurs within the three buildings at Marriott's Streamside resort in Vail, Colorado. Each of the three buildings within Marriott Streamside calculates annual dues differently.
Marriott Streamside at Vail – Annual Dues
Marriott Streamside – Evergreen Annual dues are calculated based on unit type only.
Marriott Streamside – Birch Annual dues are calculated based on the specific unit number and week number to which an owner is deeded.
Marriott Streamside – Douglas Owners are all billed the same annual dues regardless of what unit type or season they own.

What's Included in Your Annual Marriott Vacation Club Dues?

In addition to covering the cost of updates, repairs and maintenance needs which may occur at your resort within a given year, a portion of your Marriott Vacation Club dues are put into a reserve fund, which is set aside for projected/unexpected future maintenance needs. Unless you own at a resort in California, the property taxes associated with your week(s) will be included in the total amount reflected on your annual bill from Marriott. Weeks owners of resorts located in California will receive a separate tax bill directly from the county.

Other Possible Marriott Vacation Club Fees

Depending on where you own Marriott timeshare, you may an additional fee listed on your annual dues bill, such as in the following cases:

  • Marriott's Florida Club Owners
    Owners of resorts within Marriott's Florida Club will see an additional owner services fee on their statement, which covers the administrative costs associated with the unique privileges afforded to Florida Club owners. For 2013, this fee is just under *$35.
  • Owners Residing Outside of North America
    Some resorts will charge an additional surcharge of *$34.50 to owners who reside outside of the U.S. and Canada.

*Fees are subject to change per resort policies.

When Are Your Marriott Vacation Club Maintenance Fees Due?

Most resorts will send you the bill for your annual dues between November and December of a given year, and it is due in January of the subsequent year.

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