Marriott Vacation Club Destinations

The Marriott Vacation Club Destinations program, introduced in June 2010, is a points-based vacation ownership program which affords owners the ability to easily reserve stays throughout the entire portfolio of Marriott Vacation Club resorts. Owners also enjoy a plethora of additional benefits and vacation opportunities thanks to the creation of Marriott timeshare points.

The Marriott Vacation Club Destinations points program was created with the intent of providing both new and existing Marriott timeshare owners with additional options in luxury vacation ownership. Marriott destination points provide you with access to an array of high quality timeshare properties in some of the most coveted travel destinations in the world. This means you'll be able to choose when and where to go each time you travel.

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About Marriott Destination Points

When you purchase Marriott Destination points, you are buying a deeded real estate interest in the MVC Trust. This Trust holds the deeded ownership of individual weeks at the majority of Marriott's existing timeshare resorts, and each week held in the Trust has been assigned a specific points value. Points owners are granted the use of a specific allotment of Trust points each year through their deeded real estate interest.

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Your points entitle you to reserve, use, and occupy the inventory held by the Trust.

Marriott Vacation Club Destinations Ownership Levels

Your level of ownership within the Destinations program will influence your reservation windows. There are three levels of ownership within the Destinations program:

Destinations Points Ownership Levels
Up to 6,499 Points Standard Owner
6,500 to 12,999 Points Premier Status
13,000 or more Destinations Points Premier Plus Status

Be aware that when you purchase additional points or sell any of your Marriott Vacation Club Destinations points, your ownership level may change. If this is the case, your new ownership level will go into effect on the first of the month following your purchase or sale.

Marriott Vacation Club Destinations Program Resort Collections

The flexibility of the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations program is its most attractive benefit. There are four resort collections that use Marriott Vacation Club points for reservations. These collections give owners a wide range of options when it comes to choosing when and where to vacation. Those who buy their Destinations points on the resale market have access to the following collections:

Marriott Vacation Club Collection

  • Includes over 50 exemplary resorts worldwide
  • Offers accommodations ranging from studios to three-bedroom townhouses
  • Available to owners of Marriott Vacation Club points and Marriott Vacation Club Owners who have enrolled in the Destinations Exchange Program

World Traveler Collection

  • Consists of over 2,500 resorts in more than 70 countries
  • Facilitates exchanges through Interval International
  • Available to owners of Destinations points and Marriott Vacation Club Owners who have enrolled in the Destinations Exchange Program

Marriott Collection

  • Gives Destinations owners the option of trading their Destinations Points for Marriott Rewards
  • Allows owners to redeem Marriott Rewards for hotel stays at thousands of high quality Marriott hotels and resorts throughout the world as well as hundreds of affiliated resorts

Explorer Collection

The Marriott Explorer Collection offers a variety of vacation experiences which are organized into four different groups:

  1. Ocean Explorer: Offers cruise vacations.
  2. Active Explorer: Provides vacation experiences with activities like mountain biking, off-roading, and river rafting.
  3. Epic Explorer: Includes vacations featuring guided tours to enticing destinations such as Egypt, China, Tuscany, and Africa.
  4. City Explorer: Provides hotel packages and unique travel experiences in popular cities like San Francisco, New Orleans, and Washington, D.C.

Marriott Vacation Club Destinations Points Transaction Options

As a member of the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations program, you also have the option of banking and borrowing your points.


If you find you won't be able to use all of your points within the current Use Year, you can save your current allotment of points for the following Use Year. This is called banking your points. Banking is also a great option if you anticipate needing additional points for next year's vacation plans. You may bank Destinations points multiple times during your Use Year.

Rules and Restrictions:

  • You can bank your Destinations points up to 6 months after your Use Year begins. (i.e., If your Use y=Year begins on June 1, 2016, you will need to bank your points by November 30, 2016.)
  • Once your Marriott Vacation Club points have been banked for use in the following Use Year, they cannot be banked again or transferred to another points owner. (i.e., If you bank points from your 2015 Use Year for use in 2016 and your Use Year begins June 1 and ends May 30, your banked points for 2016 would expire on May 30, 2016.)


If you'd like to book a vacation which requires more Destinations points than you have in your current Use Year, you can borrow them from your future Use Year.

Rules and Restrictions:

  • Once your Destinations points have been borrowed, they cannot be banked or transferred to another points owner.
  • When you borrow Destinations points, they will expire during the year they were borrowed into. (i.e., If you borrow points from 2016 to use in 2015 and your Use Year goes from June 1 through May 30, your borrowed points will expire on May 30, 2015.)

With all of its options and flexibility, the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations program is the perfect way to guarantee your family fabulous vacations for years to come. Find out how to buy Marriott Vacation Club points on the resale market or call us today to learn more.