Massanutten Exchange

Your Massanutten timeshare comes with numerous benefits, including the ability to exchange your timeshare week for a stay at other resorts within Massanutten, or countless other luxurious resorts around the world through RCI. Enjoy greater variety and flexibility in your vacation and timeshare ownership with Massanutten timeshare exchange.

Internal Exchange

While there is no official internal exchange program through Massanutten Resort, owners are afforded discounted priority exchanges into any of the other nine Massanutten condo complexes through RCI. For example, if you own a week at Woodstone Meadows, you can exchange your timeshare to stay at the Shenandoah Villas the next year instead. Massanutten is such a large resort property with a variety of style and size accommodations throughout popular areas of the resort. Internal timeshare exchange gives owners the opportunity to experience every lovely accommodation within Massanutten.

External Exchange

Massanutten Resort is a member of Resort Condominiums International (RCI), meaning all Massanutten timeshare owners are able to exchange their fixed or floating timeshare week through RCI for a stay at any RCI-affiliated resort around the world. Currently, RCI has over 6,300 affiliated resorts in over 100 countries. An RCI exchange is the perfect option for Massanutten owners looking for a little change in their yearly routine, opting to travel to more exotic, untraveled destinations throughout the globe.

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Owners of lock-off units also have the option to exchange one side of their lockout (or split their unit) through RCI, giving them an extra week of vacation a year, and the ability to stay at both Massanutten and another RCI-affiliated resort. Each resort has certain guidelines for trading and reserving split timeshare units, so contact Massanutten Resort in regards to your ownership.

Discover the many additional Massanutten benefits you will receive when you buy a Massanutten timeshare resale. For more information on Massanutten timeshare exchange, get in touch with a timeshare specialist at 877-815-4227 or [email protected].