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With 10 incredible condominium complexes scattered throughout the massive resort property of Massanutten Resort, you can enjoy the abundance of features and amenities offered right on-site all week long during your timeshare vacation. Massanutten Resort prides itself on providing comfortable accommodations, with plenty of unit size options to fit up to 12 vacation-goers comfortably. From skiing and golfing to a waterpark and pampering spa, this popular McGaheysville resort has fun and entertainment for everyone.

You can enjoy the same comfort, benefits, and resort features for up to 70% off the retail price from a developer when you buy a Massanutten timeshare resale. By buying a timeshare on the secondary market, there is no value lost on the ownership. Rather, you are simply buying a timeshare for sale by owner, stripped of the additional sales and marketing fees tacked on by developers at the time of the original sale. On the resale market, you will only see Massanutten timeshares advertised for their fair, market value price.

Avoid high-pressure sales presentations and marked up prices. Search discount prices from the comfort of your own home when you buy a timeshare on the online resale market.

Understanding Massanutten Timeshare Resale Ownership

Massanutten timeshares are owned as either fixed or floating weeks. With a fixed week ownership, you own one designated week out of the calendar year to visit your timeshare unit annually. A floating week ownership

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means you own one week in a particular season during the year. Owners must contact Massanutten Resort during their reservation window to book which week in their season they wish to use. A Massanutten timeshare also comes with exchange options that will allow you to stay at another condo complex or resort.

The only minor difference with buying a Massanutten timeshare resale rather than directly from the resort developer is that not all membership benefits may be able to transfer on the secondary market. Visit our Massanutten timeshare benefits page to read more about which benefits do transfer with a resale.

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When you buy a Massanutten timeshare on the resale market through, you can save hundreds or even thousands off the retail price without sacrificing quality. Browse through our inventory of discounted Massanutten timeshares for sale and find your ownership today, or call 877-815-4227 for immediate assistance.

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