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Reinventing the timeshare secondary marketplace since 2003.

They say two minds are better than one. If that’s true, then these minds can make a world of difference. At least that’s the case for these successful entrepreneurs with big plans to revamp the timeshare resale industry.

Breaking the rules, breaking tradition, and setting groundbreaking sales records throughout the process; these strangers came together in the name of innovation. Something in the secondary marketplace just wasn’t working. Millions of owners were looking for a way to sell their unused timeshares, but had nowhere to turn for help. These these entrepreneurs came together to create a new, better experience for consumers. Re-invent the industry. Redesign timeshare resale. See how it all started...

While business was booming in New Hampshire, Scott Roberts was becoming a prestigious attorney in Oviedo, Florida. After an enriching education at Florida State University – College of law, he became the first member of his family to earn a Juris Doctorate. While opening his own firm and gaining experience in variety of practice areas, he also took the time to marry his high school sweetheart and start a family. Scott worked with individuals, but also with owners of businesses of many different sizes. From the small family businesses to many of the top travel companies in the U.S., he did it all. His work with real estate law, corporate law – and timeshare law lead him to an opportunity to represent an emerging timeshare title company.

Enter, Chad Newbold. Chad embraced the entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. While studying business and marketing at UCF, he helped establish an inspiring .com marketing venture. Here, Chad had a hand in creating the pioneer imaging resource for eBay® advertisers. Always the innovator, Chad’s company offered eBay® photos well before eBay® offered the service in-house. When Chad entered the business world, he began working at small timeshare title company. You guessed it! It was the same company that had just employed the help of Scott Roberts.

At that time, the timeshare resale market was almost non-existent. It was small, weak, and poorly managed. Timeshare resellers needed a better platform to market their ownerships. With a passion for e-business, Chad decided to disrupt the traditional form of timeshare sales and introduce a new option for owners. One that actually worked.

Chad used his internet marketing experience to help owners. By advertising timeshare on a global platform, sellers would be more likely to find real buyers. Through their relationship at the title company, Chad and Scott became business partners and founded Vacation Innovations, LLC. Scott provided legal guidance for the company, and together the duo created a unique alternative to the flawed timeshare secondary market.

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