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Founded: 2003
Corporate Office:
8545 Commodity Circle
Orlando, FL 32819
Employees: 132
Phone: 877-815-4227
Int'l: 603-516-0200
Fax: 407-439-0261

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Timeshare Broker Services
SellMyTimeshareNOW Is A Member of CRDA, The Canadian Resort Development Association.

Timeshare Resale Industry in Robust Growth Period

New Hampshire timeshare resale company sees record growth in all categories as the overall market for timeshares continues to boom.

Dover, NH - July 17, 2007 -- With website traffic up 53 percent over 2006, and the number of offers to rent or buy timeshare up 55 percent for the same period, Sell My Timeshare NOW, a privately owned company, is headed for a record-setting year. Already a leader in the online advertising and marketing of timeshares for sale or rent buy-owner, the New Hampshire based dotcom will exceed performance predictions for 2007 in all categories.

Jason Tremblay, founder of the four-year-old company, says, "Sell My Timeshare NOW offers timeshare owners a way to easily sell timeshares they no longer want or use. At the same time, we create a way for millions of people to rent or buy timeshare, at very reasonable prices." Website traffic at Sell My Timeshare NOW has reached 1,900,000 visitors each month, a fact that has translated to a 37 percent increase in revenue in the first two quarters of 2007 as compared to the same period last year.

Research conducted by Simmons for the American Resort Development Association, shows that nearly one-third of all timeshare owners surveyed indicate they are somewhat or very likely to consider the purchase of additional vacation time in the future. According to ARDA research, approximately45 percent of all timeshare owners own more than one vacation week. As the timeshare industry flourishes across the board, so does the number of people who want to sell, rent, or buy timeshare resales.

Steve Luba, Director of Communications for Sell My Timeshare NOW, says that online timeshare resale is the right solution for most people who want to sell their timeshare. "Sell My Timeshare NOW offers simple, effective ways to market a timeshare resale to an enormous global marketplace. When you have a timeshare you wish to sell, you want prospective buyers to see your online ad no matter what words they typed into their search engine; Sell My Timeshare NOW offers internet marketing at the highest level."

On their website, Sell My Timeshare NOW publishes daily, monthly, and annual statistics regarding their website traffic. Timeshare owners interested in advertising their vacation property on the site will be interested to see the number of website visitors, number of unique visitors, and the number of visitors by country, that the Sell My Timeshare NOW website receives.

About Sell My Timeshare NOW, LLC:
Sell My Timeshare NOW is an industry leader in providing advertising and marketing for timeshare owners wishing to sell or rent their timeshare. In 2006, presented over $233 million in offers to buy or rent timeshares to their customers.