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Founded: 2003
Corporate Office:
8545 Commodity Circle
Orlando, FL 32819
Employees: 132
Phone: 877-815-4227
Int'l: 603-516-0200
Fax: 407-439-0261

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SellMyTimeshareNOW Is A Member of CRDA, The Canadian Resort Development Association.

Timeshare Resale Marketing Company Is a Four-Year-Old Prodigy

Sell My Timeshare Now, a leading timeshare resale and timeshare rental company, celebrates their fourth anniversary in business with an amazing story of growth and expansion. In a decade of dotcom disasters, Sell My Timeshare Now is proving to be both an internet marketing success and a thriving young business.

Dover, NH - September 12, 2007 - A four-year-old prodigy gets everyone's attention. Sell My Timeshare Now, celebrating its fourth anniversary this week, is a prodigious success story, with accomplishments vastly exceeding those of the typical four-year-old company.

Looking for the right niche to build and grow an online business, entrepreneurs Jason Tremblay and Mark Eldridge, recognized a gaping, unfilled need for timeshare owners to be able to easily sell timeshare units and vacation club memberships they no longer used. The company started with only three employees who worked from home computers. Tremblay and Eldridge funded the timeshare resale business venture out-of-pocket as the small company grew.

Tremblay says, "I remember how excited we were in the beginning when the offers to rent or buy timeshares first reached the $100,000 mark. And now, four short years later, we are on target to receive $282,900,000 in offers for 2007, which is a 21 percent increase over 2006."

Sell My Timeshare Now currently employs more than 90 people, most of whom work in the company's Dover, New Hampshire office. This year, the timeshare resale advertising and marketing company expects to bring nearly 74,000 offers to timeshare owners for the purchase or rental of their timeshares, representing a 55 percent increase over the offers the company received last year.

Timeshares and vacation ownership is one of the fastest growing segments of the hospitality industry today, with sales of new timeshares reaching $8.6 billion in the US alone, according to research from the American Resort Development Association International Foundation. Despite a very high rate of satisfaction reported among timeshare owners (more than 80 percent express satisfaction with their purchase, according to ARDA), there is a continual and ever-growing market of timeshare owners who no longer use their properties and are looking to resell timeshares, rather than continue to pay annual fees and taxes.

However market demand alone does not account for Sell My Timeshare Now's remarkable corporate growth. Tremblay and Eldridge are self-educated experts in internet marketing strategies and have mastered the skills of keeping Sell My Timeshare Now continually at the top of Google's organic search results. As Steve Luba, the company's director of communications, explains, "When a person anywhere in the world, types 'timeshare' or 'timeshare resale' into their search engine, Sell My Timeshare Now is always going to come up at or near the very top of their search results. Because people who want to sell timeshare find our website so easily, they recognize that prospective timeshare buyers and renters will, too."

Sell My Timeshare Now's corporate revenues are expected to top $8 million in 2007, marking a 37 percent increase in the past year alone. With results like this, it's no wonder this timeshare resale and timeshare rental advertising and marketing company feels great as they celebrate their first four years in business. Happy Birthday, Sell My Timeshare now.

About Sell My Timeshare Now, LLC:
Sell My Timeshare Now is an industry leader in providing advertising and marketing for timeshare owners wishing to sell or rent their timeshare. In 2006, presented over $233 million in offers to buy or rent timeshares to their customers.