Transition to Diamond

Although Diamond Resorts International has absorbed Monarch Grand Vacations, existing Monarch memberships will remain exactly the same. Current Monarch members can enjoy their ownership just as they always have. Continue to spend your points on stays at any Monarch Grand Vacations resort, with priority reservation over other Diamond Resorts owners for Monarch internal exchange.

Your Monarch Grand Vacations Diamond timeshare will still retain all the same benefits, luxuries, and additional charms you adored about your original Monarch ownership. Buy a Monarch timeshare today!

How to Become a Diamond Timeshare Owner

If you wish to transfer your Monarch Grand Vacations ownership into a Diamond timeshare membership, you may do so. Complete this transition by converting your existing Monarch weeks or points into Diamond's "The Club" points-based system for an additional one-time fee. You will still retain your timeshare ownership rights, but your new Diamond Club points now allow you to reserve your vacation at any of the Diamond resorts within The Club.

Transfer Benefits

By transitioning your Monarch ownership to Diamond, you will be given even greater options in your travel opportunities, with a selection of over 200 resorts throughout 33 exotic countries. In addition to the incredible benefit of these vacation choices, you will also not have to pay an exchange fee to stay at any of these Diamond resorts.

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Do be aware that when you transfer to Diamond ownership, there is a chance of variation in your maintenance fees, since charges are dependent upon the needs and costs of the collection of resorts you are a member of.

For more information on how to transfer your Monarch timeshare resale to Diamond timeshare ownership, fill out the form above or contact one of our timeshare specialists at 1-877-815-4227.