Orange Lake Timeshare Resales

When you buy an Orange Lake timeshare on the resale market, you’re doing more than just saving money; you’re also saving time. When expressing interest in buying a timeshare through a developer, sometimes buyers can get dragged into long sales pitches with countless fluff and fine print. By buying a timeshare on the resale market, you skip all that annoyance and check out the listing immediately to find out the timeshare property’s true worth and what exactly comes with it.

Of course, saving some cash is the biggest incentive for most buyers. At, we’ve helped owners save up to 70% off developer prices! This is big for, say, an extended vacation on the slopes in Vermont or for families looking to spend an extra day at any one of Florida’s awesome amusement parks.

If you’d like to see the list of available Orange Lake timeshare resorts, please visit our Orange Lake resort directory page or search all Orange Lake timeshares for sale now!

Orange Lake Timeshare Resale Restrictions

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Option

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While all owners receive significant benefits, there are some travel perks that Orange Lake resale owners forfeit versus when they buy directly from the developer. For an additional fee, resale owners may be able to purchase a Holiday Inn Club Vacation membership. HICV distributes points to members for perks like cruises, airfare, rental cars, member events and more.

There is a slight possibility resale owners could be accepted into the club, but the chances are much greater if you buy your timeshare through Orange Lake. However, many Orange Lake Resort owners choose not to exchange their stays anyway, since they own at such a desirable property.

What Timeshare Resale Owners Can Do Instead
If you do decide to buy your Orange Lake timeshare off the resale market, you can find some desirable alternatives to offset the HICV points. For example, if owners wish to spend an additional fee on top of their maintenance dues, Orange Lake timeshare resale owners can become members of RCI or Interval International. Being the two biggest timeshare exchange companies, Orange Lake timeshare owners will have no problem finding an excellent timeshare in either companies timeshare exchange program.

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