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If you're a timeshare owner, you may be seeking to get rid of your timeshare. Whether you aren't able to use it anymore, or just aren't interested, you can sell your RCI timeshare through the resale marketplace on If you're interested in selling your RCI-affiliated timeshare, simply fill out the form on the right or call 1-877-815-4227 to get in touch with one of our timeshare resale specialists.

How To Sell Your RCI Timeshare

As the owner of an RCI-affiliated timeshare, you know the perks that come along with an RCI membership. Being able to exchange accommodations all over the world is a big selling point for many vacationers, and in some cases, is the sole reason why they buy timeshares.

When potential buyers see that your timeshare is affiliated with RCI, they'll likely see value in it immediately. When creating your ad, don't be afraid to highlight the RCI affiliation and the possibility of exchanging accommodations to visit different parts of the world every year. This can help get your timeshare sold quickly.

Benefits of Selling With Us

An RCI affiliation is a huge selling point for many timeshares. In fact, thousands of timeshare buyers browse each day to look for RCI-affiliated timeshares, especially units that are a part of RCI Gold Crown resorts. This is why selling your RCI timeshare on the secondary market is often the best option for those looking to get rid of their vacation ownership. is home to one of the largest timeshare resale marketplaces in the world. With thousands of site visitors each day, you can list your RCI timeshare for sale and find a buyer quicker than you would with other sites. If you're looking for a quick solution and want to earn some cash for your timeshare, you can get started by taking our free RCI market value survey to receive a pricing estimate on your timeshare.

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