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SellMyTimeshareNOW is a proud member of the prestigious Inc 5000 list of fastest growing companies in the US for 2008 and 2009. Member of CRDA, The Canadian Resort Development Association. Timeshare Closing Services

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Advice on Selling Timeshares

If a change in your lifestyle has forced you to admit, "I want to sell my timeshare," you've come to the right place. Sell My Timeshare NOW is the leader in online timeshare resale advertising. With years of experience in the industry and a team of superior Internet marketing experts, we can help you sell timeshare with less hassle and stress.

How to Sell My Timeshare

In today's global marketplace, there's only one truly effective (and cost-effective) way to market and sell your time share yourself – the World Wide Web. But given the sheer magnitude of the Internet, you're probably wondering, "how can I sell my timeshare online without spending a lot of time and money?" That's where we come in: Sell My Timeshare NOW is the proven leader in timeshare Internet marketing and advertising. We drive buyers to our timeshare for-sale-by-owner advertising website in numbers that are published, proven and staggering. Daily, we attract an average of 12,000 unique visitors – two thirds of which are interested timeshare buyers and renters (click here for third-party verification of these statistics) looking for a property just like yours.

Sell My Timeshare at Sheraton PGA Vacation Resort

"How can advertising on help me to sell my time share?" is what we affectionately refer to as a "well-positioned" website. In other words, we pride ourselves on consistently appearing at or very near the top of certain Internet search engine results on Google, Yahoo and other major search engines. We drive qualified buyer traffic by optimizing for search terms that potential timeshare buyers might use to search for timeshares for sale. Think about it this way: much in the same way that you might have found our website by querying something like "selling my timeshare" into Google, when someone types in a specific search phrase like "buy Hawaii timeshare" or even a more generic phrase like "timeshares for sale," chances are their intent is to find a timeshare they might like to buy. When our website appears prominently in their search results – and if your timeshare is advertised with us – you have a better chance of selling your timeshare than if you'd advertised anywhere else.

Better still, visitors to come from more than 176 countries. Advertising with an Internet-based company is the only way to reach so many potential buyers from around the world – you couldn't do this by advertising in your local newspaper or even a nationwide publication.

Selling My Timeshare – The Steps

If you're going to sell your timeshare online – and why wouldn't you? – it makes sense to sell with Sell My Timeshare NOW, the number one Internet timeshare resale advertising company in the world. In addition to making the sales process as simple as possible for our customers, we offer these assurances:

  • An average of $1 million in offers to rent or buy timeshare EVERY DAY through our website.
  • You pay only a one-time, low-cost fee to advertise your timeshare with us until it sells.
  • No unnecessary service charges or hidden fees.
  • Outstanding customer service through the entire advertising and sales process.

Advertising on our dynamic for-sale-by-owner timeshare website has never been easier:

  • Click the following link to fill out a simple form – sell my timeshare.
  • An experienced timeshare resale specialist contacts you and advises you on how to price your timeshare.
  • Your personalized time share advertisement goes live on our website within three business days.
  • Thousands of potential buyers worldwide view your timeshare for sale. Qualified purchase offers are forwarded to you automatically.
  • When you find a buyer, we will refer you to a fully-licensed and bonded closing company (our preferred partner is Timeshare Closing Services) to handle the transfer of the timeshare title to the new owner.
  • You receive cash for the sale!

I Want to Sell My Timeshare!

We hope that you have found this page useful and that you will choose Sell My Timeshare NOW for all your timeshare resale advertising needs. If you're interested in selling your unwanted timeshare property, please contact us today. If you'd like more information about how to sell my timeshare, click the previous link.

For sellers who would prefer to let a licensed professional handle all aspects of the timeshare sales process for them – from start to finish – our full-service brokerage division, Timeshare Broker Services, is the perfect solution. Our fully licensed real estate brokers offer success-fee based services, meaning you won't pay a dime until your timeshare sells. Interested? Please visit or call (877) 884-9577 for more information!