Shell Vacations Club Fees and
Annual Dues

Whether you are an existing SVC member or you are new to Shell Vacations Club, it is important to understand how your SVC dues or annual timeshare fees are calculated when you purchase a Shell timeshare resale. Annual dues will vary greatly between new and existing SVC members.

Current SVC Owners

If you own multiple points contracts and have multiple SVC accounts, Shell Vacations allows you to combine them into one "Universal ID" member account from which your annual dues will be calculated. The benefits of combining your individual contracts include:

  • Savings on Your Annual Dues: Because of the way annual dues are calculated, having multiple SVC accounts will result in higher fees. By combining your accounts, you stand to save hundreds of dollars a year by only paying the flat club fee once.
  • Use Year Alignment: Your annual points from different contracts may have different use years (the period in which you can use or bank these points). When you combine your contracts, SVC will adjust the use year so that all of your points renew at the same time. Your new renewal date will become the most chronologically distant of the old renewal dates. For example, if your three SVC – Hawaii contracts renew in June, July, and August, once you combine, your new renewal date will become August. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • Combine Your Points to Make One Reservation: With a single universal account, you will now be able to use all of your points

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  • together to make reservations. This simplifies the reservation process and allows you more options in the way you vacation.

Note: You may only combine point packages from the same Shell Owners Club. For example, you may combine two SVC – West points packages to get the same renewal date and reduced maintenance fee. However, you may not do the same with an SVC – West contract and an SVC – Hawaii contract.

New SVC Owners

When you buy a Shell timeshare on the resale market can save you thousands of dollars off the retail price, but it is important to understand the fees associated with membership before you buy. The following section will help you understand what annual dues you can expect as a member of any Shell Owners Club.

SVC Fees

If you have combined your points contracts into a Universal ID account as described above, your dues will be calculated separately for each Home Club in which you own, and Shell Vacations Club will provide you with a single, annual statement for each Club.

Annual dues are calculated based on the three components explained below.

SVC Club Fee:The Club Fee is the same amount for each owner and, among other benefits, it covers access to SVC's network of 24 vacation resorts and membership in Interval International's exchange service. Be sure to contact Shell Vacations if you have multiple points contracts that have not yet been combined, as having a single Universal ID account enables you to pay the Club Fee only once. This fee amount will change every year. (Note: If you own points in multiple Home Clubs, the Club Fee will show up on the statement for the first Home Club that you owned with.)

Home Club Flat Rate: Within each Home Club, there is a base number of points upon which a flat rate is charged. This flat rate is charged up to a certain point total, and then per point at a certain rate afterwards. Please note that the base point amount and flat rate are different for each of the Home Owners Clubs. If you purchased multiple points contracts within the same Owners Club, all of your points within that Club will be totaled, and you will be charged the Flat Rate once.

Home Club Per-Point Rate: In addition to the Flat Rate, a Per-Point Rate is assessed on all points which exceed the base point amount within each Home Club. For instance, if you own 4,000 points, you pay a per-points rate only on the 2,650 points above the base rate (Math: 4,000 total points - 1,350 base points = 2,650 remaining points). This fee is subject to change based on the upkeep needs of the resorts within your network, but is typically between 10-20 cents a point.

For more information on Shell Vacations Club fees and annual dues, contact a Shell timeshare specialist at 877-815-4227 or [email protected].

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