SVC Weeks

A SVC Weeks membership is Shell's original timeshare ownership option. With a SVC weeks membership, owners purchase an interest at one of Shell’s 22 luxury resort properties. This is your home resort, and both fixed and floating weeks ownerships are available. A Shell timeshare weeks membership is the ideal option for members who love to retreat to the same favorite Shell resort year after year for their annual retreat.

How Shell Vacations Club Weeks Work

SVC Weeks owners own a week at a Shell resort, either fixed or floating (based on personal preference). This means weeks owners are guaranteed a reservation during that week or season owned, as long as the reservation is confirmed with the resort ahead of time. Since priority reservation windows may vary between home resorts, it is important for weeks owners to check with their HOA about any additional rules that may apply.

Shell weeks also trade well in timeshare exchange networks, and some members may have access to RCI as well as II for exchange services, meaning maximum trading options.

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