Sheraton Vacation Ownership

Sheraton ownership comes with many benefits, but it is important to understand all aspects of your timeshare in order to make the most of it. You will be part of the Starwood Vacation Network, meaning your Sheraton timeshare will come with points, fees, and exchange eligibility.

Sheraton Points

If you buy a Sheraton timeshare resale at one of the Mandatory Sheraton resorts, you will have a certain allowance of StarOptions. These points give you the ability to exchange your timeshare within the Starwood Vacation Network. Each Sheraton timeshare is assigned a StarOptions value, which is based on factors like the season and size of your unit. Those who own at a Voluntary resort are not eligible for StarOptions.

If you are a Sheraton timeshare owner with StarOptions, you can:

  • Reserve your week
  • Bank your StarOptions

Sheraton Timeshare Exchange

All Sheraton timeshare owners have the option of exchanging their weeks externally through a third party exchange company like Interval International. There is typically a separate membership fee to join a company like this, and may be additional exchange fees, for which you will be responsible.

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Sheraton Vacation Ownership Fees

The following are fees associated with your Sheraton Vacation Ownership, which you should factor into your budget when planning to buy a timeshare.

  • Maintenance Fees: For the general upkeep of your unit and the resort.
  • Starwood Vacation Network Fee: For those who own at a Mandatory resort and have StarOptions.
  • Reservations and StarOptions Fees: For booking, changing, or cancelling a timeshare reservation.

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