Rent Out Your Starwood Timeshare

  • Save Money
    Earn enough to cover your timeshare's maintenance fees.
  • Don't Waste Your Week
    Give a vacation solution to someone else if you don't want it.
  • Find Potential Buyers
    Get prospective buyers into your property.

When you are unable to use your Starwood week, you don't have to let the time go unused. Instead, you can rent out your timeshare to other vacationers to get some extra cash or cover part of your maintenance fees. We've helped many owners rent Starwood timeshare, and we're here to help you get started renting out your timeshare. Call 1-877-815-4227 or fill out the form now!

If you're not a Starwood owner, and are looking to find Starwood timeshares to rent for your vacation, read more on our Starwood timeshare rentals page.

How To Rent Out Your Starwood Timeshare

The most important thing to do before you rent out Starwood timeshare is reserve a week. You want to ensure that the resort will have a unit for your renter before they arrive. You can make the reservation at your home resort or use your StarOptions to reserve a week at a resort that you think will be ideal for other vacationers. To learn how to reserve your week, see our Starwood timeshare reservations page.

Yes, I Want to Rent My Starwood Timeshare

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Using your StarOptions, you may reserve a week to rent out at any timeshare within the Starwood Vacation Network inventory. However, you must reserve the week before making it available to rent. StarOptions are not allowed to be rented or used by anyone but the owner.

Timeshare Rental Process

Once you've reserved a week to rent, the process of getting your Starwood timeshare rented is easy:

  1. Decide on a price for your Starwood rental. A general rule of thumb is to equate your timeshare rental rate to your yearly maintenance fees.
  2. Get in touch with one of our timeshare rental specialists to begin creating your ad.
  3. Once the ad is live, you'll be able to start receiving offers from interested renters.
  4. Accept an offer, then iron out the payment details with the renter.
  5. Obtain their contact information, and inform the resort's front desk about the rental so they know who to expect on check-in day.

Do you want to get started renting out your Starwood timeshare? Simply fill out the form and one of our specialists will contact you to help you find a renter. It only takes a minute, so get started today!

Are you looking to get rid of your ownership for good? If so, find out how we can help you sell your Starwood timeshare on the resale market quickly and hassle-free.

What Former Timeshare Owners Have Said About Us...

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