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What is My Starwood Timeshare Worth?

The first step to selling your Starwood timeshare is determining how much it's worth. Your Starwood vacation ownership value on the resale market largely depends on unique factors such as home resort, StarOptions values, and more. There are many intricacies, but the timeshare resale specialists at can help you get the most accurate estimate possible.

Above is our free, zero obligation Starwood timeshare value survey. All you need to do is fill in as much information about your timeshare as you can, and the form will be sent to one of our timeshare resale specialists who will return with a fair market value estimate.

Find the Value of Your Starwood Timeshare

To find out how much your timeshare is worth, look at these three important factors:

  • Is your timeshare StarOptions Mandatory or StarOptions Voluntary?
    StarOptions Mandatory timeshares transfer the benefits of the Starwood Vacation Network with the sale, and are more valuable to the buyer.
  • How many StarOptions are included with your timeshare?
    StarOptions are dependent on the season and unit size of your week. A higher number is more valuable on the resale market.
  • What is the location of your timeshare?
    A buyer will be interested in seeking a resort at a favorable vacation spot. The exact location of your timeshare is worthwhile information in figuring out your timeshare's value.

What You'll Need to Find Your Starwood Resale Value

  • Title, deed, or membership agreement
  • Your last maintenance fee bill
  • Amount owed on the timeshare (if applicable)
  • Resort information
  • StarOptions values
  • Unit details

If you can't provide all of these details, don't worry. Fill out as much as the survey as you can, and or timeshare resale specialists will deliver the most accurate estimate possible.

What Former Timeshare Owners Are Saying About SellMyTimeshareNOW

We contracted with SellMyTimeshareNOW in December of 2011. SellMyTimeshareNOW was very honest with us regarding what we could realistically expect to receive in terms of selling price, and we successfully sold our unit in May of 2012. We are grateful to SMTN for their efforts on our behalf. We would certainly use their services again. –Anthony W. Lista from Reading, Pennsylvania