Welk Resorts Weeks

The brand's original form of ownership, Welk Resorts offers both fixed and floating week-based memberships to select from, in addition to their points-based system. Currently, these week-based timeshares can only be obtained by purchasing a Welk timeshare resale.

Fixed vs. Floating Week

What's the difference between a fixed week and floating week ownership with Welk Resorts?

  • Fixed Week – Owners have rights to their home resort during the same exact week every year—so you never have to worry about keeping the annual vacation tradition alive at your favorite Welk resort.
  • Floating Week – Owners have rights to their home resort during a specific season of the year, and are able to choose any week within that season to reserve their vacation. A floating week ownership allows for more flexibility in planning your retreat. Floating week owners also have the option to split their timeshare week into two stays, reserving one 3-night stay and one 4-night stay at different times within the season.

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Week-based owners also have the option to upgrade to Platinum Points through Welk Resorts for an additional fee.

Why Buy a Welk Resorts Timeshare Week?

While Welk weeks-based timeshares are only available for purchase on the resale market, this is a blessing in disguise. Instead of paying the bloated developer prices with additional sales and marketing fees attached, you will pay only the fair market value of an ownership, which means up to 70% off!

Search our selection of Welk timeshares for sale on the resale market and purchase your ownership stress-free with the help of our timeshare specialists at SellMyTimeshareNow.com.

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