Welk Timeshare Points

The vacation ownership industry has been constantly evolving to adapt to owners' desire for flexibility in their vacation planning. This is why Welk Resorts has transitioned into a points-based ownership program—Platinum Points—for owners who prefer more flexibility in their vacations than a fixed or floating weeks ownership, which are currently only available on the resale market.

Benefits of a Platinum Points Ownership

Platinum Points owners are still given a home resort, just like a week-based owner. However, points owners are each allotted a number of points annually or biennially (depending on their contract) that can also be used to reserve a retreat at any Welk Resorts location. Welk Resorts points may also be used to:

  • Bank and carry over to the next year or two years (depending on when points are replenished) for future use to reserve a longer or more lavish vacation stay.
  • Reserve a split-week vacation, meaning you can enjoy two shorter getaways at different times in the year, instead of a full week's vacation once a year.

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  • Transfer use of points to friends, family, or other timeshare owners by simply providing Welk Resorts with a written letter of consent. There are no additional charges to transfer use of your timeshare.
  • Visit a Welk Resort any time of year for access to the resort's recreational activities and entertainment with Welk's day use. Reservations must be made for the Welk Resorts San Diego location during holiday weeks and summer weekends.
  • Deposit your Platinum Points with external exchange companies, Interval International or RCI, for even greater vacationing options all over the world. For more information on how to exchange your points, visit our Welk timeshare exchange page.

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