2016 Gift Guide for the Traveler in Your Family
December 8th 2016 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: For Owners

We all have a member of our family who suffers from extreme wanderlust. They can’t sit still and are always yearning to travel someplace new and exciting. Sounds like a tough life, right? This year, treat the avid traveler in your family to a gift they can use to support their travel addiction. It will make their traveling easier and they will appreciate you supporting their passion!

Our gift guide for travelers ranges from gadgets and accessories, to even gifting them a vacation. How so? Read on to find out!

Help Them Stay Organized

Even the most seasoned traveler might have a hard time deciding what they should bring and overpacking is always a possible issue. Not to mention, having a messy and unorganized suitcase can make it harder for them to smoothly get to all the items on their itinerary.

Buy them these packing cubes! These will help even the messiest person neatly organize their various travel accessories within the suitcase, and allow them to remove one item without going through their entire bag to find it. Amazon.com has them for you for the low price of $29.95.

Keep Them Hydrated

Traveling is tiring. If this person in your family is a hard core traveler, it is likely they are trying to fit as much sightseeing into each trip as possible. That means lots of walking around and likely not a lot of hydrating. Staying hydrated (or caffeinated, depending) will help to keep them energized and moving forward so they can check out all the local hot spots.

They will love this slim insulated water bottle! This compact bottle will easily fit in a purse or small bag while ensuring their beverage of choice stays hot or cold for up to 12 hours. It also won’t leak and ruin and other components of their bag. You’ll find it on the Uncommon Goods website for a mere $20.

Save Them Time at the Airport

We’ve all seen that person at the airport who goes to check his or her bag only to find out it’s over the weight limit. They are left scrambling to remove items from their luggage and transfer it to their carry-on while the people behind them in line grumble impatiently. You don’t want that to happen to you or your travel-loving relative!

Buy them this electric luggage scale. Small and compact to fit in their carry on, this scale allows you to weigh your bag prior to entering the airport. Even if they think they know the limit, it’s always good to double check—especially when they’re returning home with more than they came with. Macy’s has this gift for you to scoop up at the affordable price of $25.

Gift Your Timeshare Vacation

Of course the ideal gift for any travel lover is the gift of a full vacation—but that sounds expensive! But believe it or not, it actually isn’t, and it’s very easy to do! If you own a timeshare of your very own, you are able to gift your ownership week or points to your family and friends for them to use for little to no cost to you. It’s likely that you aren’t able to travel to your timeshare every year, and while you could choose to rent it out for cash back, why don’t you let a loved one enjoy it instead?

To do this, simply contact your timeshare resort, reserve your vacation, and inform them that your week will be used by a family member. You will need to provide the resort with the name(s) of those using the unit for easy check-in. A small fee may be charged by the resort, but it’s usually just to cover administrative costs. Once the booking is confirmed, your loved one can start making travel arrangements! It’s also wise to follow up with the resort closer to the time of the vacation to ensure that everything is all set and ready and there are no surprises upon check in.

If you have a timeshare affiliated with RCI and have an RCI membership, you have an additional option. RCI offers something called “Guest Certificates“, and for just $69, you can give your friend or family member access to the world of Extra Vacations, Last Call vacations, or allow them to use your RCI exchange vacation at any eligible resort within RCI’s network of thousands of resort properties.

The same goes for those with Interval International affiliated timeshares and II memberships. Their Guest Certificates are available for $59 for basic II members and Interval Gold members. There is no fee for a Guest Certificate if you are fortunate enough to be an Interval Platinum member.

Travel gifts are the gifts that keep on giving! Giving a timeshare vacation is the perfect affordable last-minute gift for that traveler in your life who seems to have it all. And trust me, they will thank you for it.

But don’t forget to treat yourself too. After the holidays, make time for a vacation with an affordable timeshare resale or rental from SellMyTimeshareNow.com.


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