4th of July Travel Stats For The Traveler’s Soul [Infographic]
July 4th 2016 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Travel

America’s birthday is finally here, and everybody is celebrating! Hot dogs, beer, burgers; nothing is left unconsumed. Because these celebrations are so—well, celebrated—around the country, 4th of July weekend is always one of the most heavy holiday travel times of the year. And for good reason! There are plenty of festivities and goings-on around the country to make its birthday a fun experience every year.

Learning about the history of the holiday is fascinating, but then again, so are the fun facts of the 4th of July. We’ve got the intel on everything: where the most people travel to during the holiday, how many people travel out, how much money we spend on concessions (the results, shocking!), and much more. Whether you’re a statistician or simply a curious soul, we’ve got the numbers based on 2015 official travel stats and predictions.

So let us provide you with some conversation starters to share over the grill this weekend or some inspiration to get out and travel this summer! 4th of July weekend is the perfect excuse to get out there and travel this great country to experience its diverse cities and their cultures. With that, here’s a fun infographic to celebrate the birth of our nation:

4th of July weekend infographic

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