5 Things You Must Try On Every Vacation
March 31st 2015 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Travel

Are you stuck in a vacation rut? Taking the same retreat time and time again may start to grow old and lose some of the spark it once had. Don’t let your annual routine get you down. Try these 5 vacation ideas on your next getaway to reawaken some of that excitement. After all—you should have more to look forward to on your annual escape than just a break from the office.

Do something spontaneous

1. Do Something Spontaneous

While it’s always a good idea to have some planning done for your vacation, it’s also important to add a little mystery. What’s the point of a getaway when you already know everything you’re going to do and everywhere you’re going to go? Put some fun in the mix and do something completely unexpected. Don’t be afraid to run a little off schedule if you come across a new adventure to try. Get a bit out of your comfort zone and go for something you would never normally try at home.


Go somewhere you've never gone before

2. Go Somewhere You’ve Never Gone Before

This is especially important if you have a timeshare or traditionally retreat to the same destination every year. There’s nothing wrong with having your favorite go-to spots and recreating memories that are special to you year after year. But try getting out of your same old routine for one day and find someplace you have yet to visit or didn’t know existed. Who knows, you could find a new favorite!


Experience local cuisine

3. Experience Local Cuisine

Heading to your favorite chain restaurant right down the street or dining at your resort’s many on-site restaurants may be delicious and convenient, but where’s the excitement in that? To truly experience a vacation, you have to experience the local cuisine at least once. Immerse yourself in the culture of your temporary home away from home. If you’re visiting a new state, try to find a hidden gem cafe or family restaurant that locals rave about. If you’re in a more exotic location, ask your resort’s front desk staff where they would recommend you go to try some delicious, authentic dishes in a safe area for tourists.


Do that one thing you've always wanted to do

4. Do That One Thing You’ve Always Wanted To Do

If you’re retreating with your family or a loved one, it’s easy to get wrapped up in making sure to plan activities that everyone will enjoy. Of course you want to make sure everyone is happy and gets to do what they want. But also be sure to take yourself into consideration. It’s your vacation too, and it’s okay to be a little selfish now and again. Think of the one thing you’ve always wanted to do—and do it! Consider it a small reward to yourself for your hard work.


Make your memories everlasting

5. Make Your Memories Everlasting

Finally, you want to always have someone in your group carrying a camera. Whether it’s a high quality digital camera or smartphone, you will want a way to capture all these moments. Maybe you’re trying some of these new things that you’ll never get to do again, or maybe you’re returning to your same spots with the same activities. But either way, no two vacations are exactly the same, and with a camera, you can remember every single one of them.

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