7 Day Itinerary: Fall in Love With a Maine Vacation in Autumn
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Fall is here, and now is the time when everyone is talking about the famous New England foliage. What better place to spend your vacation in autumn than Maine. With the scenic foliage and lovely beaches within arm’s reach, you can send the summer off and embrace the fall season in the right way.

Use this 7-day Maine vacation itinerary we’ve drafted up to do so properly. Craft your schedule accordingly though; autumn weather in New England is inconsistent, so factor that into each day’s activities!

Day 1: Beach Day/Tide Pooling

This one is a no brainer. Get out and enjoy one of the gorgeous beaches on the first day of your Maine vacation. Even at the eve of autumn, you can still squeeze in a few good beach days, or at the very least, you’ll be able to admire the coastal beauty during a romantic stroll along the sands.

One of the best bonding autumn activities is to go tide pooling—an activity which involves visiting the rocky intertidal zone after the water recedes during low tide to discover a variety of fascinating organisms living within the water pools. There are plenty of interesting sea creatures you can find, including starfish, urchins, sea cucumbers and more. Some of the best tide pooling locations in the state are:

  • Popham BeachMaine vacation
  • Short Sands Beach
  • Goose Rocks Beach
  • Ogunquit Beach
  • Sand Beach

Day 2: Deep Sea Fishing

Maine has some really unique marine life, as well as an extensive history with boats and fishing. A Maine vacation is a great opportunity to traverse the Atlantic, get a great view of the Maine shore from way out in the water, and partake in fishing. You could catch striper, tuna, mackerel, and more! Trust us, once you cast and catch that first fish of the day, you won’t want to leave. Any one of these local fishing charter companies will be happy to help you with your deep sea exploration.

Day 3: Golf Courses

Golfing, obviously, winds down a little bit in the fall. They close on a course to course basis. But golfing in Maine, and especially during the foliage, is a great way to see all the wonderful trees with leaves changing into those warm, beautiful colors. Grab a group of golfing buddies, work on perfecting your stroke, then stop at the clubhouse for lunch and a locally brewed beer at any one of these great golf courses:

Day 4: Apple Picking

Now this is a classic New England activity. Visit any one of the amazing apple tree farms around Maine and pick some crisp, juicy apples. Consider places like Spiller Farm, McDougal Orchards, Giles Farms, or any of the other great Maine apple orchards. Pick from a variety of apples, whether you’re looking for ones to put in your apple pie, make into a sauce, or simply pack with your office lunch when you get home. Most farms will also have an accompanying storefront, where you can pick up spices, cider, pre-picked apples, and more. Once you’ve picked as many pecks as you desire, return to your vacation home and fill your kitchen with the sweet scent by making those delicious apple based dishes and desserts!

Day 5: Museum Tour/Ogunquit Playhouse

Weather in New England can be unpredictable, so while ideally you’d like to spend the entire week outside, sometimes the stormy, chilly weather can have you searching for shelter. On days like this, plan to learn a thing or two about the history of the area. We recommend places like the Wells Auto Museum or the Ogunquit Museum of American Art. Also, the Ogunquit Playhouse puts on amazing theatrical productions each month. Through October 1, catch “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” or, starting October 5, you can see “Million Dollar Quartet!”

Day 6: Eat Local

By now, you’ve surely made it out to some of Maine’s great restaurants. But now is your excuse to help out the local economy simply by eating and drinking! Maine hosts a plethora of great restaurants and bars. A Maine vacation isn’t complete without making a trip to some of the breweries and wineries scattered throughout the state. A visit to any of the 70 Maine breweries and 24 Maine wineries around the area are sure to impress you. Marshall Wharf Brewing Co. in Belfast has snacks and shellfish to compliment the full pours from their tap rooms while Maine’s oldest winery, Bartlett Maine Estate Winery in Gouldsboro, has a large selection of different wines including their award winning dry fruit wines and meads.

Day 7: Relax

Three words for your last day: take it easy. Do some sightseeing; head up to Portland and walk around the city, visit Stephen King’s house in Bangor, post up on the beaches of York, or go on a lighthouse tour! Whatever it is, enjoy a nice relaxing activity that still exposes you to the Maine experience!

Popular Maine Vacation Spots

As frequent travelers to Maine, we highly recommend you consider these fine cities and towns in Maine for your next vacation!


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