7 Reasons Travelers Absolutely Love Repeat Vacations
March 20th 2018 Posted by: smtnwordpress Category: For Buyers

Some vacationers are apprehensive to purchase a timeshare because they are worried they will become bored or not utilize their timeshare each year. Fortunately, there are many solutions to these concerns every time you return to your favorite vacation destination. Timeshares offer the flexibility you have always needed with your vacations, including the ability to rent your timeshare out if you are unable to use it. Repeat vacations can take the stress out of planning and executing a trip for these seven reasons:

1. They save thousands with timeshare resales

There is nothing like heading into a vacation knowing you are getting the most for your time. Timeshares are a great way to avoid the price fluctuations and fully booked hotels that constantly happen throughout the year for vacation travel, and timeshare resales and rentals help owners save thousands with units available at extremely low prices.

2. They’re comfortable with their resort

Familiarity is something every person can appreciate, and repeat vacationers have learned the ins and outs of their resort to feel completely at home. They know the times facilities open and close, what they have access to, what they can splurge on, and have even had the chance to get to know the friendly staff who assist them throughout the week.

3. They don’t need to cram in every activity into seven days

It can be stressful to fit in every little adventure into a week-long trip, but timeshare owners who vacation in the same place don’t have to worry about that. They know they have years to explore their vacation destination and never have to worry about missing out on something exciting. Each time they return, they are able to make their vacation exactly what they want and need!

4. They’ve become accustomed to local culture

Sometimes, people just connect to the area of the world they are visiting, and repeat vacationers and timeshare owners know the feeling. When you love a place for its people, surroundings, and history, you will quickly become apart of the community where you can interact with more than just other travelers and truly learn what it’s like to live in one of these incredible places.

5. They have their favorite places to visit

We’ve all had vacations where we spend the entire week finding a restaurant we enjoy, but that’s not a problem for those who return to their favorite spots. Though there is plenty of opportunity to try new things, there is also plenty of time to enjoy the things you already know and love. From restaurants to shops to local markets to festivals, repeat vacationers and timeshare owners know their favorite areas to hang out and will never worry about if they could have found someplace better.

6. It’s a tradition and a place to make memories

The best moments in life are just that—moments. Vacations are remembered forever and it can be difficult to give up returning to a place where you have spent many years building memories with your loved ones. There are many vacationers who adore watching their family and friends change each year when they visit. No matter how much the world changes, their small piece of paradise stays the same.

7. Many timeshare brands have internal exchange programs and/or external exchange affiliations

It’s common for resort brands to run their own internal exchange programs. These programs can be a one-for-one trade or for owners to convert their timeshare weeks into points (or keep as points depending on the type of timeshare) and exchange with the timeshare weeks available in their database at their other locations. Many of these brands are also affiliated with international, external exchange programs which allow timeshare owners to deposit their timeshare weeks and trade for any other comparable timeshare week in their database. Interval International and RCI timeshares make it even easier for vacationers to try out different vacation destinations before returning in the future to their favorite home resort.

Still scared to commit to vacation ownership?

Our timeshare specialists are standing by to tell you all about the benefits of vacation ownership and how to get the most out of your annual vacation in the same place for years to come. Please contact SellMyTimeshareNow.com today by calling (877) 815-4227.


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