Find Your Center on International Yoga Day
June 21st 2016 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Travel

Child’s pose, downward-facing dog, tree, cat, chair…if any of these terms make sense to you, chances are you’ve taken a yoga class of two. This 5,000-year-old practice was developed by the Indus-Sarasvati civilization in Northern India. Over the centuries, yoga has attracted more and more people looking to strengthen their body, mind, and spirit through a variety of poses and breathing exercises.

Today, June 21st 2016, we celebrate the second ever International Yoga Day. Yogis all over the world are enjoying the day with a variety of retreats and classes with other enthusiasts. Get inspired by the celebrations of today and plan an invigorating yoga retreat this summer.


The country where yoga originated and that declared today International Yoga Day in 2015 likes to celebrate this day in an impressively large fashion. The Prime Minister of India participated in a massive yoga session with over 30,000 children and other residents of Chandigarh.

Before beginning the session, the Prime Minister encouraged everyone to make yoga a part of their lives, noting that this practice is something that everyone can participate in and benefit from.

United States

The US and countries throughout the world are also taking the opportunity to celebrate this day with a variety of events happening in numerous locations.

New York City hosted the United Nations on Monday for a Solstice in Times Square to commemorate the day. Today, yoga classes will be held in the center of Midtown for all to enjoy. Yoga is a great way to bring people together, and as such the United Nations in New York has various yoga poses projected on the sidewall of the headquarters. This is a symbol of the role yoga can play in helping the United Nations to achieve its sustainable development goals.

The nation’s capital, Washington DC, hosted yoga talks, demonstrations, classes, dances, and musical performances this past Sunday at the National Mall. Portland, Oregon looks forward to free yoga classes for all levels, kids yoga and crafts, a yoga-inspired fashion show, and plenty of healthy foods and snacks to sample.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, yoga is something that everyone can benefit from. Find your center, inhale, exhale, and treat yourself to a rejuvenating yoga vacation this summer. From a variety of wellness resorts, yoga retreats, and even just a self-guided session on a quiet beach, yoga is a great way to enjoy a peaceful moment. Browse our discounted timeshare rentals and discover your new favorite happy place—mentally and physically—this season!


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