Hawaii Resorts and Tourism Not Impacted by False Missile Alert
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Why Hawaii Resorts Aren’t Stressed About The Missile Scare

The world has been talking about the accidental and terrifying missile alert sent out to all Hawaii residents since it happened on Saturday, January 13. Though the Hawaii Tourism Authority was concerned about the impacts it might have on tourism to the area, it appears vacationers are still booking and traveling to their favorite Hawaii resorts.

Since December 2017, Hawaii has been testing its nuclear warning siren system for first time since the Cold War. According to media outlets around the country and local emergency officials, an incorrect emergency notification was sent out by the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency stating a ballistic missile threat was inbound for Hawaii. This alert has been declared a mistake caused by human error.

Fortunately, it appears this mistake hasn’t prevented vacationers from taking their trips to Hawaii. Travel agencies around the world such as Travel 67, Neal Miller Travel Company, and Mode Travel Agency, Inc., have continued to book vacations for families, couples, and adventurers since the incident occurred. These same agencies and the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) have also not experienced any major cancellations of previously booked vacations or influx of questions regarding the alert.

It seems business will continue as usual in this tropical paradise with vacationers currently unloading off their flights for their week-long island adventures. This is not only great news for the resorts, but for other local hospitality businesses that rely on these vacationers for revenue throughout the entire year.

Despite the positive outcome thusfar, HTA president and CEO George Szigeti made this reassuring statement during a media conference on Tuesday, January 16,

“Our message to travelers continues to be that there is no cause to cancel trips already booked to Hawaii or to look elsewhere for a vacation because of this false alert. Hawaii is and continues to be a safe, secure and welcoming destination to all visitors from around the world.”

A Hawaii Timeshare is Still a Great Investment for Vacationers

Though this false alarm was scary and difficult for many, Hawaii continues to be a lovely and safe place for all to visit for the perfect tropical getaway. Between the luxurious accommodations, incredible amenities, and your favorite Hawaii tourist attractions, it’s no surprise it’s a preferred destination for people from all walks of life. Our team is happy to know all residents and visitors on the islands are unharmed and continuing to enjoy their everyday activities.

If you find yourself returning to the Aloha State every year, a Hawaii timeshare resale or rental could still be the perfect investment for your future trips. SellMyTimeshareNow.com works to keep our customers informed on all topics related to timeshares, and our specialists would be happy to speak with you.

To learn more, please call us today by dialing (877) 815-4227.


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