How to Save Money For a Vacation
June 26th 2018 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Travel

Ways to Save for Vacation

Summer is nearly here, the kids will be out of school soon, the travel bug is in the air. However, a summer vacation—especially with a large family—can be really expensive. And let’s be honest, if you’re going to commit to going on vacation, you don’t want to have to stress about every dollar and cent you spend during your trip.

Along with great timeshare accommodation deals, we at have come up with a unique list of ways on how to save money for a vacation. Trying a handful of these tips can help keep extra money in your pocket without too much extra thought or effort!

1. Make a Seperate Saving For Vacation Account

Opening a seperate account for your vacation funds is a great way to effectively put away money for a family trip. You have your checking account for daily expenses, your savings account for emergency or more long-term spending goals, but how do you separate any extra funds your have for fun?

If you set up a seperate vacation account, you can choose to set up automatic deposits, or just transfer in extra money as you have it. Regardless of how you put money into this account, it will be set aside and will have a specific purpose to help propel your vacation dreams into reality.

2. Get a Credit Card with Perks

Airlines in particular have great rewards programs for credit card owners. When you use these credit cards on normal daily expenses, they accrue points for you to use on flight miles. Additionally, many credit cards have sign up bonuses so you can enjoy extra mile benefits right at the get-go.

With the miles benefits, many of these airline credit cards can get you discounts on in-flight purchases, rental cars, and dining expenses while traveling. Be sure to research all the various perks on the different credit card options to find the one that will be work for you.

3. Declutter and Sell

Now is the time for spring cleaning, but don’t make it all about dusting and throwing away. Make the extra effort to find things in your house that have gone untouched that could benefit another family. Whether you want to host a neighborhood yard sale, post on Craigslist, or utilize community Facebook sales groups, there are plenty of ways to make cash back on unused items throughout your house. You’ll be surprised by how many items you are able to unload!

4. Buy in Bulk and Cut Extra Expenses

If you are really trying to gather funds for a family getaway, you’re going to have to make small cuts when possible. Groceries are one of the easier things to save money on. Buy in bulk and prepare your meals ahead of time so you’re less likely to dine out.

You can also look at your monthly expenses and see what you can go without for a couple months to help save up. Do you really need to pay for cable when your whole family only uses Netflix? Can you drop your gym membership and utilize free online workout videos? Are you able to go a few months without online shopping? You know the answer!

5. Save on Your Accommodations

And this is where we come in! Hotel accommodations are expensive and cramped. They don’t offer the space and comfort your family needs to full enjoy a relaxing vacation. Timeshares give you the option to buy or rent large suites with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, full kitchens, living and dining areas, and other desirable amenities. Not to mention, these timeshares cost less per night than average area hotels.

Find timeshares for rent for low weekly rates and make the most of your vacation. Alternatively, you can secure a lifetime of vacations at a cost-effective price by shopping our timeshares for sale. Your family and your wallet will thank you!


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