Report: Fourth of July Travel to Reach Record Highs This Year
June 29th 2017 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Travel

Sources indicate that this year’s Fourth of July travel numbers could be the highest ever recorded. AAA reports that up to 44.2 million Americans plan to travel at least 50 miles this year, resulting in a travel boom that’s sure to clog highways with traffic and pack restaurants, bars, and fireworks shows with people. The numbers indicated a 3% increase from last year, or almost a million more travelers.

Of the 44 million travelers setting out this weekend, the vast majority plan on driving. 38 million are expected to drive between Friday, June 30th and Tuesday, July 4th, creating heightened risk for gridlock traffic conditions. 3.5 million will fly, congesting airports around the country slightly more than normal. The remainder are expected to take buses, trains, or boats to their destinations.

Experts at AAA provide a number of reasons for the jump in Independence Day travel, mainly citing strong employment and rising incomes encouraging many to get away for the weekend. Historically low summer gas prices are also a contributing factor, with the national average around $2.28 per gallon, four cents cheaper than last year.

AAA spokeswoman Tamara Johnson offers some useful advice: “It’s going to be crowded and travelers should definitely make sure that they’re planning ahead.” She recommends leaving earlier than usual for your trip and even traveling on the actual holiday itself.

How to Avoid the Fourth of July Weekend Rush

With a busy weekend in store from Hawaii to Maine, if you plan on traveling you’ll likely experience some speedbumps along the way. Early preparation is key, and can spare you from greater stress while getting to your destination. Here’s how you can make your Fourth of July travel experience a breeze:

  • Pack up the car early—don’t wait until the last minute to throw your belongings in the trunk. Start a night or two ahead of time to make sure you have everything you need packed up in a clean and orderly way.
  • Go digital—even if you know the way to your destination, bring some backup. Download GPS apps like Waze to help you find the easiest route possible with the least traffic.
  • Account for the kids—traveling with young ones can be stressful for many parents, especially when long drives lead to long waits in stop and go traffic. Make sure your kids have plenty to occupy their time while on the road, and pack snacks and drinks!
  • Consider alternatives—driving may seem like your best bet, but depending on your overall distance and destination, flying might be a better option. Short flights often come at steep discounts, and can eliminate the amount of time you spend traveling in a car. Look into other modes of travel as well, such as taking a train.

Find Fourth of July Vacations with a Timeshare

Your plans might already be set for your Fourth of July adventure, but next year’s travel stats could be even higher. Exploring your options thoroughly is the best way to reduce worry and stress when planning a trip, and you can find a totally new and convenient way to spend Fourth of July weekend with timeshare resales and rentals. Browse timeshares for sale and for rent with to lock down a great vacation option for all occasions!


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