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How to Decide Where to Buy a Timeshare
January 2nd 2015

Committing to buying a timeshare is an important decision. But deciding where to buy a timeshare is just as important—if not more. With over 7,000 timeshare resorts in top vacation destinations worldwide, choosing a resort can be daunting. Let us help you narrow down your search. Below are a few of the most important factors […]

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Natural Disaster Preparedness for Timeshare Owners
October 28th 2014

In response to the recent wreckage in famed vacation destination, Los Cabos, we felt the need to elaborate on the very rare and unpredictable matter of natural disasters, along with how they can affect timeshare owners like you. Vacationing is supposed to be a joyous, exciting opportunity, but natural disaster preparedness is also an important […]

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Which Timeshare Accommodation is Right for You?
October 14th 2014

There are lots of different timeshare accommodation styles offered by resorts across the globe. Each style often comes with unique benefits and could play a major role in where your family vacations. Here, we’ve broken down each type of timeshare accommodation to provide a clearer idea of what you should be looking for when buying […]

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The Psychology of Pricing Your Timeshare
October 7th 2014

So you’ve made the decision to sell your timeshare. Now what? Break open your books, do a little research, and figure out exactly how much money you want to advertise your timeshare for. Ways to Price Your Unit The most important aspect of pricing your timeshare for sale is developing a set of expectations for […]

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