Timeshare in South Africa Set for Rapid Growth
September 8th 2016 Posted by: SellMyTimeshareNow SMTN Category: Industry News

As the timeshare industry grows, new destinations start to emerge as vacation ownership hotspots. One of those hotspots happens to be developing in one of the world’s most diverse and naturally beautiful nations—South Africa. Home to safaris, history, and a bright culture, many believe that South Africa is a hidden gem in timesharing, with only a few vacation ownership resorts operating across the massive country. However, as those resorts become more popular, and as developers eye new opportunities in South Africa, the ceiling for the timeshare industry is incredibly high.

The Current State of Timeshare in South Africa

Interval International reports that the vacation ownership industry currently comprises US$238 million across 140 resorts. Among those resorts, 500,000 travelers own a timeshare. While these numbers are undoubtedly substantial, the thing that astonishes industry experts is the potential.

Among South Africa’s 468,000 square miles, there is a vacation for everyone. Urbanites and culture-lovers can explore the growing metropolises of Cape Town and Johannesburg, each home to unique attractions. Adventure seekers have all the opportunities they could ask for, from hiking the Drakensberg mountains to catching a glimpse of lions, rhinos, and elephants on a true African safari.

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Safaris are one of South Africa’s most popular attractions

There is already a number of highly rated Interval International and RCI resorts in South Africa, each one appealing to a different type of traveler. Explorers will find everything they need at Mjejane Game Reserve, which is located right next to Kruger National Park. Alternatively, those seeking a more relaxing experience can discover ownership opportunities at upscale resorts like eLan L’Ermitage Chateau & Villas, which specializes in pampering guests to their fullest extent.

A Future for South African Timeshares

As the South African economy improves, the country’s allure to international travelers will grow, drawing more visitors and eventual timeshare owners from the UK and Europe. While U.S. travelers are not as keen on South African vacations due to long flights and regulations, the market is still expected to attract slightly more Americans as well.

Because of the country’s massive landscape and appeal to many different types of travelers, the forecast for the timeshare industry seems to be heading for nothing but growth. Due to a relatively low South African rand, the British pound and euro hold high value in conversion rates, leading to a greater incentive for international travelers to visit. Additionally, as vacationers begin to seek out more thrilling and remote destinations like South Africa, Australia, or New Zealand, the need for more luxury resorts with ownership options will be apparent.

Find your South Africa Timeshare Today

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