Top 6 Must-Do Summer Activities in 2017
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Summer is in full swing, and that means it’s time to get out and explore. In many states, the summer months see spectacular special events and activities come to life, offering plenty of chances for people coast-to-coast to enjoy warm weather and long nights. For some, quiet beach days or hikes immersed in nature are enough to satisfy the urge to enjoy the season, but for others, opportunities are abound. To help you find exciting things to do and see this season, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite summer activities across the U.S.A!

#1. Maine Lobster Festival

In New England, nothing quite says summer like strapping on a translucent plastic bib and grabbing a pair of shell crackers to enjoy a few lobsters. The delicacy is worshipped everywhere from Rhode Island to New Hampshire, but no state is impacted by lobster so much as Maine. Held every August, the Maine Lobster Festival in the Midcoast town of Rockland brings thousands of visitors to its rocky shores to dine on lobster caught just yards away. The event obviously showcases spectacular lobster spreads, as well as a seafood cooking contest, a parade, and live entertainment. The event kicks off on August 2nd and runs through the 6th.

The lobster roll; just one of the delicacies you’ll find at the Maine Lobster Festival.

#2. Outside Lands

From August 11th through the 13th, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park will be transformed into a wonderous festival ground each summer for Outside Lands, one of the best summer festivals on the West Coast. Currently in its tenth year, the festival brings well-known musical acts as well as some of the city’s best food, wine, and beer. This year, the lineup of performers includes the likes of Metallica, The Who, Gorillaz, Lorde, A Tribe Called Quest, Queens of the Stone Age, and more.

#3. New York Fashion Week

Perhaps one of the fashion world’s biggest events, New York Fashion Week is slated to take off starting September 7th. A week of exhilarating new collections from world-famous designers provides the ultimate celebration for any fashion geek. Runways are undoubtedly the place to be, with tickets to shows selling out quickly. However, there are solutions for those who can’t get tickets as well—the event also features pop-up shops, parties, and other exhibitions that are free to attend.

#4. Elvis Week

Quite self-explanatory, Elvis Week is a special event all about honoring the king. One of the best summer activities in Tennessee, Elvis Week takes place in early August in Memphis. 2017 sees the 40th anniversary of Elvis’s death, marking a monumental year for the festival. Spectators will be able to explore Graceland, go to dance parties, run in a charitable 5k, attend seminars on Elvis’s music, and witness dozens of concerts by established musicians all dedicated to paying tribute to the legend.

#5. NYC Pizza Run

Returning the the Big Apple for #5, the NYC Pizza Run is all about finding new ways to enjoy New York’s signature dish. Participants agree to run a two-mile course through Manhattan’s Tompkins Square Park, while stopping at three checkpoints along the way to down slices of the city’s best pizza. Occurring on September 17th, the event is one of the last to take place before summer gives way to fall. Portions of the proceeds go toward the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, meaning you can eat pizza while supporting a great cause!

Despite the name, many Oktoberfests actually begin in mid-September. Prost!

#6. Oktober Zinzinnati

Taking place between September 15th and 17th, the city of Cincinnati hosts their own special Oktoberfest filled with great beer and fun-filled events. The giant beerfest touts a reputation as the largest Oktoberfest in the country, bringing in crowds of approximately 500,000 people. Aside from drinking great beer, attendees can watch and participate in beer stein races, beer barrel rolls, and much more. Highlighted by The New York Times as one of the 52 best places to visit in 2017, Cincinnati is the place to be for all your Oktoberfest desires.


Find Special Summer Activities All Around the USA

Regardless of where you’re traveling, there’s likely an exciting must-do summer activity around you. If you’re looking to explore this summer and take advantage of incredible events and experiences, turn to the timeshare market to find a comfortable place to stay. Timeshare rentals are often extremely affordable while providing good value, and timeshare resales can give you a more permanent solution to explore many summers to come. Solve your summer vacation dilemmas today!


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